Term 2, Week 4: Tuesday 19/05/20

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning! 

Come Read With Me

We started our morning with Come Read With Me. Focusing during this time on our reading strategies.

Investigations/Inquiry Play

Investigations/Inquiry based play assist students in developing socio-dramatic, social and emotional and inquiry based learning skills


Today we looked at the at the scripture: Zacchaeus

Students were then asked to participate in a reflection prayer.

Monique – ‘ he was telling the people sop that he can helping.’

Richard – ‘he turned the him into good.’

Viraj ‘- ‘the man was giving money. He was helpful and kind. He gave the golden necklace. He gave all of his things, Amen.’

Sahib ‘thank you god for Jesus, and all of my friends.’

Shylah – ‘dear god thank you for all of the people in the world and whoever is so kind to me.’

Layla – Thank you for my friends.

Mini Maths

We will continue to look at 3D shapes. Spending some time watching the below clip


Literacy – Mixed Literacy Activities 

Today we were separated into 4 groups to do literacy based learning rotations.

Guided Reading: Spending time reading with the teacher and peers. Focusing on our reading strategies. 

Word Work: Using our high frequency words for the week, students used the word work cards to write their words in some of the following ways; rainbow, backwards, drawing pictures, alphabetical order. 

Creating a new page for the story:Students were given prompts to assist them. Using these prompts students were asked to create a new page for the book. Writing/creating a new part of the story. 

Practicing High Frequency Words: Students were given the high frequency words for the week, they needed to do the 3 things for each word. Read it, create it and write it. 


We spent some time today doing some mindfulness. Focusing on our breathing, and letting our minds be still and our bodies rest.


Students were in the library during this time. Practicing their reading strategies and borrowing new books for the week.

Letter Sounds.

Students spent this looking at our letter sound for this week ‘oa’ we talked about the sound and words associated with this.


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