Wednesday 20/05/20 – Week 4, Term 2.


Again, we read our Shared Reading Text, ‘Room on the Broom.’

Click below to watch Mrs Feher reading our Shared Reading Text.

Room on the Broom


After, we introduced a new blend of letters which make a new sound. We focused on practicing saying the sound and thinking of words which use this sound.

The movie below helped us sound out and read some ‘oa’ words.

‘OA’ ‘oa’


Phonics Investigative Play

Children then engaged in a series of provocations set up with the intention of sparking interested in exploring our new sound.

Children wrote words with our new sound, they searched for ‘oa’ words in their readers, they draw illustrations of items with ‘ oa’ sounds in their name, they created the letter blend using play dough, lego, blocks, paint, white board markers, and chalk on the pavers outside. They also played a variety of ‘oa’ games.


Today we explored the scripture – Zacchaeus.

We watched the below clip.

Children were then invited to reflect in the scripture.


What is his name and what happened?

Shane ‘ Zaccious, Jesus said, Zaccious is in God’s family.’


Alana – ‘ Dear God, thank you for all of the people and for not pushing other people.’

Carter – ‘He was too short so that’s why he climbed up the tree.’

Shylah – ‘Dear God, thank you. He climbed up the tree and then he saw Jesus.’

Viraj – ‘thank you for family and friends.’

Monique – ‘thank you for the whole world.’

Mini Mathematics

Today we continued discovering different 3D shapes and their qualities. We continued to explore the differences between 2D and 3D shapes.

Investigations/Inquiry Play

History and Social Sciences

Today we read, ‘I’m Australian Too’, by Mom Fox.

You can watch  an online version below.

We then had a group discussion about all the places that appear in the book; Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne, Ballarat.

We then had a close look at Australia and where we are from, South Australia. We shared a few of the places we all know and love in South Australia.

We then went on a Walk around the school, pointing out the different places we can could see beyond  the schools gates, shops, houses, clubs, parks…

We then returned to our learning area and recorded some of our favourite place.


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