Thursday’s Learning – 21/05/2020

Welcome To Thursday’s Learning!

R/1KJ & R/1FD Single Lesson

For our single lessons today, we continued to look at the letter sound ‘oa’.

We talked about the sound it makes, and how this sound is a blend of two different sounds ‘o’ and ‘a’ but when we blend them together these sounds don’t stay seperate but blend to make a different sound.

Students then spent time practicing their writing of this sound. They also drew some picture of words they knew had this sound in them. ‘Boat’, ‘Goat, ‘Toast’.



Please refer to the Spanish blog for todays learning.



Today we looked at the song: We have the whole word in our hands.

Students were then asked to reflect on the following question:

How do we care for what God has created for us?

  • Richard – we could recycle things like bottles and milk containers.
  • Nikolas – we could recycle plastic
  • Monique – i could take somebodies dog for a walk
  • Mikayla – I could help feed someones dog
  • Charlee – i could care for a dog
  • Alana – i can take care and love my brother
  • Ziggy – i will feed my cat
  • Viraj will take care of my brother
  • Edel – i will pick up paper


Mini Maths 

We watched a short clip on 3D shapes to further develop our understanding of the different between 2D and 3D shapes.


We spent time today experimenting with 3D shapes through investigative play. The following invitations to learning were set up.

  • Sorting Cards – Matching 3D shapes to their image, name and properties
  • Creating 3D shapes – With paper
  • Creating 3D shapes with play dough and tooth picks.
  • Magnets to create 3D shapes
  • Labelling and recording 3D shapes around the classroom

what i know about 3D shapes?

  • Mitchell – the drink bottle is a cylinder
  • Nikolas – there is a cube, a dice is a cube
  • Mikayla – a cone is like an ice cream cone
  • Monique – a cube
  • Sahib – a rubric cube




We spent some time relaxing this afternoon to prepare our bodies and minds for the rest of the day.


In the home corner a menu was put out as a provocation…. Naomi and Monique quickly decided they would make their own restaurant menu.

  • Naomi – spaghetti is $2 dollars, apple juice is $3dollars
  • Monquie – my menu is like hungry jacks…chips, nuggets it costs 4 dollars and the chips cost 2 dollars

At the lego table many creations were happening – a spaceship, a plane, a dragon and a pyramid!!



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