Friday 22nd May – week 4 term 2

What day is it today?

Connor – its Friday tomorrow is Saturday

Mikayla – Yesterday was Thursday

Viraj – The month is May

Shane – the next month is June


Mrs Diotallevi role modeled how to read our readers – she read ‘bendy betty’.

Fluency, expression, pointing 1.1, sounding out and pictures for support

Why is she called bendy betty?

  • Nikolas – her name is Betty but she is really bendy
  • Alexandros – because she can touch her nose

Then we all practiced being bendy betty – how many body parts could we touch with our nose? lots of laughs!!!



During this time students are invited to complete quiet reading individually. Focusing on the following reading strategies:

Eagle Eye – Look at the picture for a clue to help with the word.

Lips The Fish – get your lips ready. Say the first few sounds

Stretchy Snake – Look at the letters in the word. Stretch the sounds out slowly. Go back and say the sounds altogether.

Chunky Monkey – Look for little words, word endings, and word chunks that you know.

Skippy Frog – Skip the word. Read to the end of the sentence. Hop back and read it again.

Flippy Dolphin – Try the short vowel sound. Then flip and try the long vowel sound.

Tryin’ Lion – Still stuck? Re-read the sentence. I think … what makes sense here?

Helpful Kangaroo – Ask for help but only after you have tried all your strategies



We will begin the lesson with an acknowledgement of country – explaining to the students what this means/why we do it/it’s importance.


After this we will begin to look at different Aboriginal artwork. We will talk about the markings in the artwork – how this was their way of telling stories.


Students will then spend time completing some dot painting on rocks for the remainder of the lesson.



Draw a reflection on how you could/do recycle at home/school?

  • Natalie – pick up rubbish and put in the right bin
  • Dyani – we have a red, yellow and green bin at home
  • Emily – red is for the apples
  • Shane – red is for rubbish, green for leaves, yellow for the recycling
  • Eliajh – the food and sticks turn into dirt
  • Alexandros – the paper goes into a blue bin and reused into something else
  • Oliver – the food turns into soil, it helps the plants grow
  • Sahib – when you put rubbish in the bin its much better, otherwise rubbish everywhere looks so dirty



Children will be encouraged to write and/or illustrate a reflection about their numeracy capabilities. They will have a guided question ‘where are numbers used?’

  • Connor on your letterbox
  • Shae – on passwords, teachers use numbers to count the children
  • Dyani – count how many planes are coming
  • Alana – adding things together
  • Carter – money at the shops and canteen
  • Viraj – numbers on the car, number plate



Students will engage in a variety of different experiences within the classroom. These will be based around;


  • Socio-dramatic play
  • Art/craft
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Lego
  • Block building
  • Sensory Play



Drumming, dancing an rhythm

Oliver shared his excitement about drumming with the class today. we all pretended we had our own drums and followed along to the beat of the music. Oliver created his own drums and music using pots and wooden spoons!!

We also sung some rhymes and dancing.


Have a lovely weekend everyone and we will see you all next week 🙂


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