Monday Week 5 Term 2 – 25/05/20

Welcome to Week 5!

Welcome to another week of learning and discovery.

We look forward to continuing our explorations of Julia Donaldson’s texts and a new sound, while continuing to develop our understanding of 3D shapes. This week we will be exploring safety signs and also continuing our sun inquiry.

This week we will celebrate and recognise two very significant times, National Sorry Day on Tuesday and the beginning of Reconciliation Week starting on Wednesday.

Both of these special events will see us delve into explorations of our Indigenous Community and an opportunity to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, recognising a journey towards a more just, equitable and reconciled nation.


Today we started our morning with Come Read with Me.

After, we introduced our new shared reading text for the week, ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’, by Julia Donaldson.

Can you make a prediction?

What do you think the book is going to be about?

Viraj – ‘it might be about the animals on the farm.’

Alexandros – ‘It is about a chicken.’

Alana – ‘I think the animals run out of the farm.’

Richard – ‘the animals might get squished.’

After we engaged in a group discussion about the following question, what if you were the little old lady from the story? How would you thank the wise old man for his help?

Shane – ‘you could nod and say yes thank you.’

Monique – ‘the little old lady could help the Wise Old Man.’

Edel –  ‘make the Wise Old Man a card.’

Carter  – ‘she could buy him a present.’

Diani – ‘Give ther Wise Old Man a candle as a present.’

Mithra – ‘give him a cake.’

Alana – ‘Give him an animal.’

Writer’s Workshop

Children then had a go at writing their own letter to the Wise Old Man.  Our letters all started the same – ‘Dear Wish Old Man,’

Before we had a go, we wrote a letter together…


Edel – ‘thank you for the land and people and family.’

Chloe – ‘thank you Jesus thank you for the house and the people.’

Shane – Thank you God for sending Jesus to forgive us from our sins. Thank you for the angles. Amen.

Shylah – ‘Dear God, Thank You for Harper, Charlee, Mitchell, Nahom and Callie. Amen.

Alana –  ‘Dear God, Thank You God for making the whole world. Amen. ‘

Monique – ‘Thank You for the people, and we thank you for Jesus. Thank you for Adam. Amen.’

Mini Mathematics


Single lesson with R1FD

The sound of the week is, ‘ie’.

Students practiced forming the two letters and writing them together in a line in their writing book.

After we practiced writing words with the sound in them and creating illustrations for the words.

Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum

Together, we flipped through a slide show of different safety and warning signs, stopping on each and discussing its meaning.

We then engaged in a discussion about signs and their purposes.


Nickolas – ‘No diving because it might be shallow water and it will hurt your head.’

Shane – ‘It is saying to be careful. The floor is slippery.’

Alexandros – ‘do not climb. it might hurt our heads.’

Oliver – ‘You have to stop and look. I see it when we drive. You have to stop. You have to look first.’

Alana – ‘fire, it can put fire out.’

Nickolas – ‘we have a fire extinguisher over there.’

Carter – ‘It is for your feet to fo on.’ Viraj – ‘it is a COVID19 sign, don’t stand too close to other people.’

Connor – ‘that sign means speed ten. Driving at 10.’ Nickolas – ‘it is so you don’t crash.’ Oliver – ‘it means 10 kilometres.’

Richard – ‘that means electric, don’t touch electric because it might shock you.’

Sahib – ‘that sign is for sick people. It tells you where to go when you are sick.’

Nelson – ‘that means don’t park there.’

Alana – ‘that signs means stay with your parents.’

Natalie – ‘that means dangerous.’

Carter – ‘it means look left and right.’ Shane – ‘5km is all they can go otherwise they might crash into a person.’

Viraj – ‘You cannot go and enter that way.’

Emily – ‘kangaroos are jumping on the road.’

Mithra – ‘walking slowly on the street.’


After, we created our own safety or warning sign for our learning area.

We thought of so many different signs including…


Rubbish in the bin

Turn the tap off

Line up sensibly

Pick up belongings

Wash our hands regularly

Safe hands

Sit with the chair flat on the floor

Hold scissors by blade when moving around the room.

Sit while eating

Clean up spills

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