Tuesday’s Learning: 26/05/20

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning 

Morning Meeting

We started our Morning with our Morning Meeting. We did the roll, talked about what our day today will look like.

Yesterday was …. Monday – Monique

Today is …. Tuesday – Thomas

Tomorrow is …. WednesdayAlana


Come Read With Me

We then started ‘Come Read With Me’. We are spending this time developing our confidence and fluency in our reading.


Investigations/Inquiry Based Play

Students engaged in a variety of different activities set up around the classroom. These were based on the following; Fine Motor Development, Socio-Dramatic Play, Construction Play, Art/Craft & Literacy Based Activities. 


Students listened to the song ‘God’s House’.

After listening to the song they were asked to reflect on the following question:


Prayer means God is listening – Shylah 

The song was about Joy and Prayer – Mikayla 

You can prayer in God’s House – Dhyani

What is God’s House?

It means that God’s House is in Joy – Shane

People be kind to the world because they want to take care of it – Mithra 

God’s house means we prayer and we listen to God – Viraj

God’s house means when people don’t have a house, God welcomes them in – Alana 

God’s house means that he is being nice and saving everybody – Monique 

We sing and dance in God’s House – Hannah


Mini Maths

To further develop our understanding of 3D shapes, we watched the below clip.


Mixed Literacy Activities 

We will begin our Literacy learning by revisiting our text for this week. ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’

After this students spilt into 4 different literacy based groups and completed the following learning.

  • Guided Reading
  • Word Work – High Frequency Words
  • Reading/Story Response to the book
  • Alphabet Writing & Matching


Students spent some time relaxing and reflecting on their day. Ready to continue the learning for the last part of their day.




We spent some time in the Library borrowing new books for the week, and practising our reading strategies to ourselves after borrowing.


R/1KJ Single Lesson

We spent some time practicing our letter sound for this week – ie

We talked about the two sounds each letter makes individually, and then the sound it makes when it is together, and how it is called a blend sound.

Students then went and practiced the writing of this letter sound, and thought of words that had this sound and draw images to match.


Thank You for another beautiful day! We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow! 

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