Thursday’s Learning: 28/05/20

Welcome To Thursday’s Learning!

Come Read With Me

We started our morning with Come Read With Me. During this time students are invited to complete quiet reading individually. Focusing on the following reading strategies:

Eagle Eye – Look at the picture for a clue to help with the word.

Lips The Fish – get your lips ready. Say the first few sounds

Stretchy Snake – Look at the letters in the word. Stretch the sounds out slowly. Go back and say the sounds altogether.

Chunky Monkey – Look for little words, word endings, and word chunks that you know.

Skippy Frog – Skip the word. Read to the end of the sentence. Hop back and read it again.

Flippy Dolphin – Try the short vowel sound. Then flip and try the long vowel sound.

Tryin’ Lion – Still stuck? Re-read the sentence. I think … what makes sense here?

Helpful KangarooAsk for help but only after you have tried all your strategies

We talked about the days of the week this morning. Practicing getting the day of the week in order.

Today is Thursday – Alexia 

Yesterday was Wednesday – Carter 

Tomorrow is Friday – Dhyani 

R/1KJ Single Lesson

For our single lesson today we did a reflection on our Literacy learning so far this year.

Students were encouraged to think about the following question:

What helps you learn?

Nahom –  Practicing my words helps me to read.

Eleazar –  Writing my words helps me learn.

Catharen – Learning my ABC’s with my sister helps me.

Jeikei – Praciting reading a lot helps me get better.

Enrique – Sounding out the letters.


Students are in Spanish during this time. Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning.



In Prayer today we looked at the song, ‘We have the whole world in our hands.’

After this students were asked to reflect on the following question:

How do we look after our earth?

You pick up rubbish – Sahib 

Be kind to other people – Alana

Be friends with people – Thomas

Tidy the world and make it nice – Shane

Thank you for the world God – Monique

Be friends and be kind – Dhyani

Mini Maths

We are continuing to develop our understanding of 3D shapes.

Alana – We are looking at 3D shapes

Monique – Cone

Mikayla – Triangular Prism

Natalie – Cylinder

Elijah – Rectangular Prism

Shane – Sphere

Dhyani – Cube



To further develop our understanding of 2D and 3D shapes students went for a walk around the school looking for shapes on their walk.




Reconciliation Week 

As this week is Reconciliation Week, we spent some time talking about and discussing what Reconciliation Week is.

We started with an acknowledgement of country.

We started by reflecting on the following questions:

What does ‘In This Together?’

Monique – It’s when we focus on what Jesus gave us and we make strong choices together.

Viraj – When the people come to this country, we welcome them.

What are the ingredients of a good friendship?

Alana – Not being mean to people.

Shane – Care for people and use our manners.

Oliver – Keep our friends safe and happy.

What happens when you feel hurt or upset by someone else?

Sahib – It could break a friendship.

Thomas – It can make me feel broken.

Carter – It will leave everyone feeling sad.

What do you do to create new friendships?

Richard – You be kind to them, help them and share.

Natalie – Help people feel better.

Mikayla – You can make them things.

We then discussed how Reconciliation can mean lots of different things to different people. In Australia and our schools, it means that we are working together to ensure that everyone understands and values that we can learn, know, speak and be in many different ways.

We then talked about how the Aboriginal and Indigenous people were the first owners of the land we live on. We talked about ways that we can continue to care for this land.

Students then went and drew and image of how they plan to take care of the land of the Kaurna People


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