Monday Term 2, Week 10 – 29/06/2020


Welcome to Week 10, the final week of the Term. What a wonderful Term full of learning, exploration and discovery we have had. Looking over the progress so many of us have made over the Semester is unbelievable! We are very proud of all of the hard work and effort each and every child has put into their learning over this Semester.

What day is it today?

Edel – Monday

If today is Monday, what day is it tomorrow?

Alana – Tuesday

If t0morrow is Tuesday and today is Monday, what day was it yesterday?

Viraj – Sunday

What is the weather like today?

Nickolas – ‘the weather looks very beautiful today.’

Shane – ‘it is very cold today and the trees are slightly bent.’

Reader’s Workshop/Shared Reading

While the children ate their fruit we read our shared reading text for this week, The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson.

While reading we modeled the reading strategy, ‘Skippy Frog’ to the children.

After children were paired with a partner to apply this reading strategy during Come Read with Me.

Writer’s Workshop

After a quick mini lesson on characters and the role of characters in a story.

Children were invited to continue working on their books!

Everyone was so engaged! At one moment every single child was in a state of ‘flow’, the whole room fell silent.

‘This is my Pokemon book. These are my characters, Pikachoo, Snoorax and Ash.’ – Ziggy.

‘My character is a butterfly.’ – Alana.

‘My characters are my whole family.’ – Edel.


High Frequency Words












oo and y


How can we show kindness?

Ziggy – ‘They are sharing.’

Connor – ‘They were being kind and sharing and helping people when they are sad.’

Eljah – ‘Someone was sad then someone shared an apple.’


Viraj – ‘If somebody needs something from the supermarket we can get it. We can give people money if they need it.’

Mikayla – ‘When someone doesn’t have food we can give them some food.

Alana – ‘If someone doesn’t have money we can give it to them’.

Elijah – ‘So we can be nice at the playground and be friends with them and be nice with them and play with them.’

Mini Mathematics

R1FD Single Lesson

Can you make a pizza and divide it?

After watching the clip during mini mathematics, R1FD created out own pizzas with our favourite toppings. After we decided who we wanted to share our pizza with and then showed cut lines on our pizza to indicate how we would divide it up.

Viraj – ‘I am sharing with four people.’

Alexandros – ‘I am sharing with two people, my brother Con and me.’

Sahib – ‘I am sharing with four people, Viraj, Connor, Alex L and Jason.’

Elijah – ‘I am sharing with eight people, my whole family – dad, uncle, baby, big brother, little brother, grandpa, grandma, and Elijah.’

Hannah – ‘I am sharing with four, my mum,  my dad, my baby, and me.’

Nickolas – ‘I am sharing with dad, brother, big brother, 100 percent, mum, nan, pop, my aunty, my uncle and my baby coming out of my aunty, my cousin, just my whole family.’

Oliver – ‘I am sharing with 25, my family, daddy, nanny, granny, pa, poppy, mummy, daddy, and my aunty and my uncle.’

Connor – ‘I am  sharing with two, Alex L and me.’

Darina – ‘Are you sharing with 4?’ Darina nodded,  ‘with your friends?’ Darina nodded.

Alana – ‘4 – my family.’

Chole – ‘I share with my pizza, and daddys pizza, and mummys pizza. I share with my friends,

Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum

Early Warning Signs

Hattie and the Fox

Hattie’s body messages, her feelings and the clues around her…

What should you do when you feel or notice early warning signs?

Record in Learning Journals.


Nickolas – ‘I would run away and tell the teacher.’

Alexandros – ‘I will tell my daddy. He will help me.’

Alex L – ‘I should tell the Police if I feel worried or scared because they can help me.’

Oliver  – ‘I would run and tell my Mummy.’

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