Tuesday’s Learning – 30/06/20

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning!

Stars of the day 

R/1KJ – Catharen & Carter

R/1FD – Naomi & Connor



Morning Meeting

Today is?

Tuesday – Mikayla

Yesterday Was?

Monday – Elijah

Tomorrow is?

Wednesday – Carter

The month is?

June – Nahom

The weather is?

It’s going to be rainy – Oliver

Rainy and cloudy – Nickolas


Reading Workshop 

Teachers modelled the reading strategy – Skippy Frog

‘Skip the tricky word. Read to the end. Go back and try it again.’

After this students were invited to complete independent reading with their reading buddy.






How can we be a Good Samaritan in our classroom?

Monique – I will be kind to people and they can be kind to me.

Alana – For myself, I will be kind to myself, and then my friends can play with me.

Mikayla – When someone is hurt you can help them, that is how you be kind.

Carter – I can be kind to my friends and they will be kind to me.

Mithra – I will take care of the classroom and I will make it very clean.

Layla – I will take care of my friends and we will all care for each other.

Hannah – I will be kind to my friends.

Edel – I will be kind to everyone, I will share my toys by helping people and cleaning the room if they can’t do it by themselves.


Mini Maths


Students then spent time working in small groups to separate things into halves.



Introduction to sound/s for the week.

What words do you know that have the Y sound?

Yafet – Thomas

Yes! – Carter

Yellow Boat – Layla

Yo-Yo – Oliver

Yawn – Mithra

Yoga – Alana

Yahoo – Viraj

Yarn – Enrique


What words do you know that have the oo sound?

Moon – Alana

Miss Moore – Viraj

Google – Alexia

Zoo – Mikayla

Pool – Mia

Writers Workshop

Students were invited to continue working on their books and were asked to include as many oo and y sound words in their first sentence as they could.


I’m writing a book about Pokemon and pikachu – Oliver

I’m writing about my friends – Thomas

I’m writing about a family in a house – Dhyani

I’m writing about a fairy – Natalie

I’m writing about Thomas and friends – Alexandros





R/1KJ spent this time in the library, borrowing new books and practicing our reading strategies.




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