Monday Week 2 Term 3 – 26/07/2020

Welcome to Monday

Week 2, Term 3

Welcome to another exciting week!

What is day is it today?

Alana – ‘Monday’

What day was it yesterday?

Alexandros – ‘Sunday’.

What day is it tomorrow?

Mithra – ‘Tuesday’.

What is the weather today?

Ziggy – ‘raining.’

Richard –  ‘ windy’.

Monique – ‘Winter’

Nickolas – ‘the sky is grey. It means that it is going to be raining.’

Reading Workshop and Come Read with Me

Shared Reading

Writer’s Workshop


What is this?

Ziggy  – ‘black hole.’

Alex L –  ‘a circle.’

Viraj – ‘full stop’

I’m Australian too.

What do you notice about the full stop in this sentence from the book?

Alana – ‘you put your full stop when you finish a sentence.’

Oliver – ‘the full stop means you stop saying words.’

Elijah – ‘the full stop is when you see a full stop it makes you stop reading.’

Viraj  – ‘the full stop means you are finished that sentences. you take a minute to breathe then you start reading the next sentence.’

Children were then invited to continue their book making. They were encouraged to use full stops at the end of their sentences.

‘My book is about Earth on fire! We have to send an astronaut to the moon and there is Alians on the Moon. Over here is Mars.’ Elijah.

Angelo wrote ‘stop’ and illustrated many stop signs.

‘This is Pacman and here are the ghosts. I can try writing ghost. I can hear a ‘g’ and a ‘h’ and an ‘o’ and an ‘s’ and a ‘t’.’ – Alexandros.

‘This is me and my friend, we are playing together.’ – Chole.



Today we listened to and sung the Mass song, ‘Mary Says Yes’.

We then shared our prayers…

Alana – ‘Dear God, thank you for the whole world and the whole family Amen.’

Natalie – ‘Dear Go, thank you for the whole world and the teachers. Amen.’

Hannah – ‘Thank you for the world and the plants.’

Emily  – ‘Thank you for the teachers and the school.’

Alexandros  – ‘Dear god, thank you for the Pacmen and ghosts and the dogs, Amen’

Shane –  ‘My prayer is for everyone in this classroom and everyone in the world. I hope that the people that have the Corona Virus stay safe and stay inside until they are better and I hope no one else catches it,’

Layah – ‘Dear God, thank you for my brother and my sister and my teacher and my toys.’

Cathrine – ‘Thank you for my sister and my mum and dad.’

R1FD Record Gratitude Prayers

Mini Mathematics

Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum


Today we read, What if Everybody Did That? By Ellen Javernick.

We paused each time  the character did not make a positive choice. We discussed as a group what would happen if everybody made that choice and applied each scenario to our learning area.

Children recorded a list of good choices for our learning area.

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