Term 3: Tuesday, Week 2

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning! 


Stars of the day! 

R/1KJ – Emily & Mitchell

R/1FD – Viraj & Alana

Morning Meeting

today is ?

Tuesday – Shylah

tomorrow is?

Wednesday – Mithra

yesterday was?

Monday – Elijah

the weather today is?

It is winter – Angelo

Reading Workshop/Come Read With Me

Focus for reading: Stretchy Snake

Teachers model the reading strategy to students with a shared text, then students spent the lesson practicing and using this reading strategy to assist them.



What strategies can we use to help us tell what the weather is like today?

It is cold when the sun is behind the clouds – Carter

We can use our bodies to feel the weather, we can feel if it is cold or hot – Shane

We can use a phone or internet, it will tell us the weather and how much it could rain – Richard.

You can feel the grass, and if it is cold – Viraj

You can see the weather with your eyes, if you can’t see properly it might be cold – Oliver.

When you are looking at the sky with your eyes, you can feel and see the weather – Sahib.

I know because I went outside and I can feel it – Ziggy.


We went for a walk outside today – sitting down on the oval and observing the weather. 


We focused on the following questions:

How does the open air feel?

How does the air feel on your skin?

Does the air feel cold/hot?

I feel hot, the weather changes when the sun is out – Viraj 

I feel a little bit hot and a little bit cold. It was cold before, but it is getting warm now. – Elijah 

I feel cold, because the wind makes me feel that way. – Shylah

I think the weather is really really cold because the sun is only a little bit sunny – Mithra 

It is a little bit cold but hot in the sun, but the floor is cold, I can feel it with my hand – Alana

It is cold on the floor, but the sky is hot – Ziggy 

It’s sunny. It is nice and clear outside, the sky is blue and there is no grey clouds. Grey clouds are rain clouds. – Richard

It is really sunny. I know because when I close my eyes I can see red – Nahom.

Students then drew an image of one section of the sky of their choosing – they needed to include as much detail as they possibly could. 



Thank You for being kind and for all the trees and the people and Miss Jessop & Mrs. Feher and all the teachers – Shylah

Thank You God for our whole world and for the teachers and city we live – Sahib.

Thank You for Miss Jessop and Mrs. Feher and for all my family – Hannah

Thank You for Miss Jessop & Mrs. Feher – Nahom

I am grateful for my whole family and Miss Jessop & Mrs. Feher. I pray for the whole world and my mum and dad – Alana.

Thank You for the whole world and the teachers and our families and thank you to Miss Jessop and Mrs. Feher for teaching us. Amen. – Viraj

Dear God, I hope you like our school, and you like our learning so we can learn and know new things. Amen – Oliver

Thank You for everything. Amen – Nickolas.

High Frequency Words

Practicing our high frequency words for this week – going through the words as a class and ways we could put these words into sentences.










I’m going to school. – Oliver 

I am riding on a sheep and it ran really fast. – Alana

The fox was chasing a rabbit. – Connor 

How are you? – Elijah

The fox is far away? – Nickolas 

How do you do that? – Nickolas 

The sentence is about a fox. – Shane 

Elijah is brave. – Eleazar 

This is my nose – Elijah 

My nose is sneezing. – Viraj


Letter Sound – Xx

What are some words that begin with the letter ‘Xx’?

Fox – Elijah

saxophone – Nickolas

X-ray – Alexandros

box – Natalie

X-Box – Nahom

hexagon – Carter

Alexia – Mikayla

Writers Workshop


Focusing again on using full stops in a sentence – everyone was challenged to write 1 full sentence.


We also looked at what a sizzling start was and brainstormed some together as a class



New books to take home and read. please remember to read your readers each night.

Specks of Gold

My speck of gold was playing with my friends – Alana

My speck of gold was on the playground playing with my friends. – Monique

My speck of gold was playing with my friends. – Catharen

My speck of gold is learning and having great fun with my friends. – Shane

My speck of gold was learning new things – Nahom

Playing with Mikayla – Thomas

Playing with Monique, Massa & Jeikei on the oval.- Natalie




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