Wednesday Week 2, Term 3 – 29/07/2020


Week 2, Term 2

What day is it today?

Oliver – ‘Wednesday.’

What day was it yesterday?

Elijah – ‘Tuesday.’

What day is it tomorrow?

Enrique – ‘Thursday.’

What is the weather today?

Shane – ‘The weather is nice, there is some clouds but it is a clear day. It is not to hot.’

Reading Workshop and Come Read with Me

Shared Reading

Writer’s Workshop

What is this?

Viraj – ‘Question mark.’

Where is the green sheep?


What do you notice about the question mark in this question from the book?

Edel – ‘a question mark helps you know what it will be.’

Layla – ‘I saw a question mark in where is the green sheep?’

Shane – ‘We use a question mark when we are turning a normal sentence into a question.’

What is a question?

Richard – ‘A question is something you can use if an answer is missing.’


Children were then invited to continue their book making. They were encouraged to use question marks and questions in their writing.

Ziggy – ‘These are the Pokemon! This Pokemon is really fast. This is Pikachu and here is Ash trying to catch it!.’

Richard – ‘My book is about me and Alex playing Minecraft.’

Viraj – ‘My book is about the owl! It is in danger because it went into the dangerous area where there is fire.’

Nickolas – ‘This is a cow and he is going up to the UFO. He was eating grass then the UFO took him up.’

Angelo created a book about Christmas. He drew Christmas trees and flowers.

Elijah – ‘My book is about the green hot wheels car!’

Oliver – ‘My book is about the bears in the f0rest.’


Today we sung the Mass song, ‘Do Whatever He Tells You.’

We then shared our gratitude prayers…

Alana – ‘thank you for my whole family and the teachers.’.

Edel – ‘thank you for my family.’

Connor – ‘thank you for the people and the pets and the teachers.’

Mikayla – ‘thank you for the whole world and the teachers.’

Richard – ‘thank you or he world and my friends.’

Hannah – ‘thank you for the world and the children.’

High Frequency Words











Sound of the Week



Today we reflected back over the last two tallies we did as a class group.

What do we remember?

How did we do it?

Children then posed their own question to collate data about. Children were encouraged to ask their peers and record their own tally.

Once they had collated the data children then record a sentence describing their data collection.

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