Term 3: Thursday, Week 2

Welcome to Thursdays Learning!


Stars of the day

R/1KJ – Catharen and Nelson

R/1FD – Nikolas and Darina

Morning Meeting

today is ?

Layla – today is Thursday

tomorrow is?

Oliver – Friday

yesterday was?

Elijah – Wednesday

the weather today is?

Edel – it is a little bit sunny



Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning!



What words do you know that have the letter Oo in them?

go & Nelson – Enrique

dog – Shylah

Octopus – Carter

Old man – Nelson

bolt – Shane

October – Nahom

Orange – Dhyani

Thomas & bowl  – Thomas

oval – Monique

order – Emily

vote – Alexia



Reflection Prayers

Thank You God for the teachers and for the kids and the school – Nickolas

Thank You God for Jesus and thank you for all the teachers – Mithra

I Thank You for all the world – Emily

Thank You God for the world and our families – Alexia

Thank You for Miss Jessop, Mrs. Feher & Mrs. Doitallevi – Thomas

Thank You for Jesus. Amen – Oliver

Dear God, Thank you for my family and my cousins and my brother and sister – Alana

Thank You for Miss Jessop & Mrs. Doitallevi – Nahom

Writers Workshop

We discussed what speech marks are and how they help us in telling a story. We then talked about how we could use these in our writing today.



Today we spent time learning about bar graphs.

We watched the following video:

What type of graph is it?

Shane – A bar graph

What is the line going up for?

Monique – The Numbers

What is the long line for?

Alexia -The fruit

We made a graph as a class for our favourite brain food and discussed the results.




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