Term 3: Friday, week 2

Welcome to our learning on Friday, week 2, Term 3!


We watched our friends learning in the year 2 and 4 classes. Today at the assembly i liked:

  • Mithra – i liked watching the funny things, like the witch turning the girl into a frog!
  • Viraj – I liked the assembly because they did some funny tricks, like when they spoke about Mr White
  • Shane – I liked the jokes
  • Mikayla – They were doing some dancing


Stars of the day

R/1KJ -Alexia and Carter

R/1FD – Sahib and Alana

Morning Meeting

today is ?

Connor – its Friday

tomorrow is?

Dyani – Saturday

yesterday was?

Edel – Thursday

the weather today is?

Carter – its a bit cold, the sun is out and there, there are some clouds.



We spent time with our buddies playing some group fitness games!!!



Practicing some of our school Mass songs. Sing β€˜Lamb Of God.’

Share our Prayers:

  • Mitchell – Dear God thank you for my friends Amen
  • Nahom – Dear God thank you for me Amen
  • Mikayla – Dear God thank you God for my friends Amen
  • Shyla – Dear God thank you for my teachers and the baby Amen
  • Shane – Thank you God for sending your only son Jesus to save us and to teach us so many things Amen
  • Elijah – Thank you for my baby, my dad, my mum and my brother amen
  • Thomas – Thank you for my family, Miss Jeesop and Mrs Diotallevi Amen
  • Connor – Thank you for my friends, teachers and families Amen
  • Enrique – Dear God thank you for all the teachers and school Amen
  • Richard – Dear God thank you for the world and for the people who don’t make me sad Amen
  • Oliver – Dear God I hope you like our school and i thank you for being able to explore our world. Thank you for my garden. Amen



Looking at graphs.


With coloured unfix cubes, create your own graph.

Interpret orally – which was most popular? Which was the least?



We are developing an understanding of what a growth mindset is. We will watch the video and reflect on the following questions:

When is a time you overcame something challenging?

  • Oliver – when i rode my bike without training wheels.
  • Elijah – trying to put my seat beat on by myself
  • Mithra – when i was trying to ride my bike
  • Connor – when i did rollerskating
  • Shane – i used a growth mindset when i learnt to blend sounds

We then drew a reflection picture of this.




Students continue their reading journals – choosing a book of their choice and reflecting on the front cover.



Today my speck of gold was….

  • Connor – playing pokemon with Alex
  • Alexandros – my speck of gold drawing pac man
  • Mitchell – Was going to assembly
  • Nahom – was assembly
  • Alexia – i liked the growth mindset
  • Mithra – My speck of gold was the learning, writers workshop.


We have had a great week, we hope you all enjoy the weekend and we will see you on Monday πŸ™‚



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