Friday – Term 3, week 8 – our learning.


Well done to R1KJ and their buddies for an amazing assembly. Check out some photos below of the children up on the stage reading in front of the whole school – AMAZING!!!!

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Character Strengths

Curiosity – what do you think this word might mean?

Viraj – asking a question

Shane – when we are curious and want to learn something

Curiosity: A strong desire to know or learn something

What is something you are curious about in your learning?

Shane – reading

Richard – learning new things

Connor – insects and bugs

Alana – writing

Mikayla – the turtles

Alexandros – the fish

Students to go to fish farm with their books. Discussions with Mr McCarthy – observe the animals/fish farm.




Viraj – i used curiosity to build a house with the lego

Layla – i used curiosity when i was knowing how to do making

Nikolas – i used curiosity with the turtles, i found out more about the turtles one had a short neck and one had a long neck

Richard – I used curiosity when i asked my friend how did you build the boat?
Katheren – I used curiosity with my friends and we looked about lizards and bugs




 Gratitude prayer

  • Alana – I am grateful for the fish
  • Mary – I am grateful for my home
  • Sahib – I am grateful for the turtles
  • Naomi – i am grateful for the trees
  • Alexandros – I am grateful for pac man
  • Viraj – I am grateful for all the animals
  • Mithra – I am grateful for the fish farm in our school
  • Layla – I am grateful for fish farm




Alex – next to

Alana – behind

Viraj – between

Richard – on

Shane – under

Sahib – over

Connor – outside

Elezar – under

Alexandros – behind

Mary – in front of

Layla – behind

Chloe – under



Students choose a book that interests them from their book box.

Students write the title & author of the book at the top of the page.

Students then draw/write a reflection about what they enjoyed/liked about this book.


Have a great weekend everyone!


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