Our learning: Wednesday week 8 term 3

Happy Birthday Shylah!! 


Focus reading strategy: Fluency and expression

Watch ‘don’t read like a robot’

Teacher to model whilst reading, children to support. Teacher to read a leveled reader with the class.

Children then go with a reading buddy to practise their fluency and expression when reading.




Text – Moon Lantern Book

Mini lesson – Finger spaces when writing

Why do we have finger spaces in our writing??


Students are then invited to use learning in their writers workshop.

Teachers to conference and scaffold.

Children are reminded of ‘holy family writes’ during this time.






The story of the angry bee.

How would you feel? Should we always forgive? Why? Why not?

  • Mikayla – the angry bee was just being angry and not fogiving but then he forgave
  • Viraj – when he forgave the other bee then he felt happy
  • Alexandros – something bad happen, he didnt want to me sorry, but then he did and he was happier
  • Monquie – yes always forgive

Do you think Jesus would forgive?

  • Mithra – Jesus always forgive, when you do bad stuff
  • Edel – Jesus would say thats ok



Enrique – Locatoion means you go to a place.

Shane – When using a car we can use a navigator to get places.

Nickolas – When you go on you on your phone you can follow locations on there.

Viraj – When somebody has a birthday it can send you an address on where to go.

Alexandros – A location means that it can take you home.

Mary K – It is a place where you go, and you can use a map.

Shane – You can walk and drive. Driving is quicker.


What does it mean to a good friend?

Thomas – Always being nice to each other and not hurting each other.

Carter – You be nice to people and share with them.

Jason – Sharing and caring.

Shane – Being a good friend is when we help people. If we are kind and help people they can become our friends.

Catharen – I play with my friends. We be kind to each other.

Mary – We make people feel happy and be kind.

What does a good friend look like?

Mitchell – It is sharing.

Alexia – If someone gets hurt, you help your friend.




R1FD are at the library borrowing new books for the week.



R1FD are at music class – check the music blog.


Character Strength: How have you shown Kindness this week?

Ziggy – I have helped people when people get hurt or you can play with them.

Mary K – I have helped people and shared paper.

Jason – I have invited people to play games with me.

Mikayla – I have showed kindness by listening to the teachers.

Monique – I have been kind to my teacher this week.

Layla – I have been kind to everyone.

Viraj – I have been helpful and shown kindness to everyone and my friends.

Mithra – I showed kindness when Edel got sad and I helped her feel better.


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