Term 3: Thursday – Week 9

Welcome To Thursday’s Learning!


Character Strength

This week our focus Character Strength is; Honesty.

Honesty is; The quality of being honest – always telling the truth regardless of the circumstances.

Stars of the day

R/1KJ: Callie & Thomas 



Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning

Reading Workshop/Come Read With Me

Teacher’s modelled the reading strategy to students reading our shared text for the day.



What do you think about this story in the bible? 

What does this story tell us about Jesus?

Oliver – Jesus was looking up at Zeecheaus and said hello

Mary K – Jesus to kind to him even though other people didn’t like him

Edel – Jesus was kind

Nikolas – Jesus is kind to everyone even people that are not nice

Mithra – I think Jesus was being nice to that man, but other people didn’t like him.


Writers Workshop

Shared Text: The Very Noisy Bear 

Explicit Teaching – Exclamation Marks


What does an exclamation mark do to words?

Invitation to use them in writing today. 

Numeracy – Maps and Location

We mapped out our classroom as a big group today – looking at what details our maps needed.

What do we need to draw near Room 12 ?
The home corner – Shane

What do we need to draw near Room 11?

The Reading Corner – Alana

What else do we need to draw in our room?

The tables – Nahom 

The mat – Thomas

Students then had a go at drawing their own maps of the classroom





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