Monday Week 5 Term 2 – 25/05/20

Welcome to Week 5!

Welcome to another week of learning and discovery.

We look forward to continuing our explorations of Julia Donaldson’s texts and a new sound, while continuing to develop our understanding of 3D shapes. This week we will be exploring safety signs and also continuing our sun inquiry.

This week we will celebrate and recognise two very significant times, National Sorry Day on Tuesday and the beginning of Reconciliation Week starting on Wednesday.

Both of these special events will see us delve into explorations of our Indigenous Community and an opportunity to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, recognising a journey towards a more just, equitable and reconciled nation.


Today we started our morning with Come Read with Me.

After, we introduced our new shared reading text for the week, ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’, by Julia Donaldson.

Can you make a prediction?

What do you think the book is going to be about?

Viraj – ‘it might be about the animals on the farm.’

Alexandros – ‘It is about a chicken.’

Alana – ‘I think the animals run out of the farm.’

Richard – ‘the animals might get squished.’

After we engaged in a group discussion about the following question, what if you were the little old lady from the story? How would you thank the wise old man for his help?

Shane – ‘you could nod and say yes thank you.’

Monique – ‘the little old lady could help the Wise Old Man.’

Edel –  ‘make the Wise Old Man a card.’

Carter  – ‘she could buy him a present.’

Diani – ‘Give ther Wise Old Man a candle as a present.’

Mithra – ‘give him a cake.’

Alana – ‘Give him an animal.’

Writer’s Workshop

Children then had a go at writing their own letter to the Wise Old Man.  Our letters all started the same – ‘Dear Wish Old Man,’

Before we had a go, we wrote a letter together…


Edel – ‘thank you for the land and people and family.’

Chloe – ‘thank you Jesus thank you for the house and the people.’

Shane – Thank you God for sending Jesus to forgive us from our sins. Thank you for the angles. Amen.

Shylah – ‘Dear God, Thank You for Harper, Charlee, Mitchell, Nahom and Callie. Amen.

Alana –  ‘Dear God, Thank You God for making the whole world. Amen. ‘

Monique – ‘Thank You for the people, and we thank you for Jesus. Thank you for Adam. Amen.’

Mini Mathematics


Single lesson with R1FD

The sound of the week is, ‘ie’.

Students practiced forming the two letters and writing them together in a line in their writing book.

After we practiced writing words with the sound in them and creating illustrations for the words.

Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum

Together, we flipped through a slide show of different safety and warning signs, stopping on each and discussing its meaning.

We then engaged in a discussion about signs and their purposes.


Nickolas – ‘No diving because it might be shallow water and it will hurt your head.’

Shane – ‘It is saying to be careful. The floor is slippery.’

Alexandros – ‘do not climb. it might hurt our heads.’

Oliver – ‘You have to stop and look. I see it when we drive. You have to stop. You have to look first.’

Alana – ‘fire, it can put fire out.’

Nickolas – ‘we have a fire extinguisher over there.’

Carter – ‘It is for your feet to fo on.’ Viraj – ‘it is a COVID19 sign, don’t stand too close to other people.’

Connor – ‘that sign means speed ten. Driving at 10.’ Nickolas – ‘it is so you don’t crash.’ Oliver – ‘it means 10 kilometres.’

Richard – ‘that means electric, don’t touch electric because it might shock you.’

Sahib – ‘that sign is for sick people. It tells you where to go when you are sick.’

Nelson – ‘that means don’t park there.’

Alana – ‘that signs means stay with your parents.’

Natalie – ‘that means dangerous.’

Carter – ‘it means look left and right.’ Shane – ‘5km is all they can go otherwise they might crash into a person.’

Viraj – ‘You cannot go and enter that way.’

Emily – ‘kangaroos are jumping on the road.’

Mithra – ‘walking slowly on the street.’


After, we created our own safety or warning sign for our learning area.

We thought of so many different signs including…


Rubbish in the bin

Turn the tap off

Line up sensibly

Pick up belongings

Wash our hands regularly

Safe hands

Sit with the chair flat on the floor

Hold scissors by blade when moving around the room.

Sit while eating

Clean up spills

Wednesday 20/05/20 – Week 4, Term 2.


Again, we read our Shared Reading Text, ‘Room on the Broom.’

Click below to watch Mrs Feher reading our Shared Reading Text.

Room on the Broom


After, we introduced a new blend of letters which make a new sound. We focused on practicing saying the sound and thinking of words which use this sound.

The movie below helped us sound out and read some ‘oa’ words.

‘OA’ ‘oa’


Phonics Investigative Play

Children then engaged in a series of provocations set up with the intention of sparking interested in exploring our new sound.

Children wrote words with our new sound, they searched for ‘oa’ words in their readers, they draw illustrations of items with ‘ oa’ sounds in their name, they created the letter blend using play dough, lego, blocks, paint, white board markers, and chalk on the pavers outside. They also played a variety of ‘oa’ games.


Today we explored the scripture – Zacchaeus.

We watched the below clip.

Children were then invited to reflect in the scripture.


What is his name and what happened?

Shane ‘ Zaccious, Jesus said, Zaccious is in God’s family.’


Alana – ‘ Dear God, thank you for all of the people and for not pushing other people.’

Carter – ‘He was too short so that’s why he climbed up the tree.’

Shylah – ‘Dear God, thank you. He climbed up the tree and then he saw Jesus.’

Viraj – ‘thank you for family and friends.’

Monique – ‘thank you for the whole world.’

Mini Mathematics

Today we continued discovering different 3D shapes and their qualities. We continued to explore the differences between 2D and 3D shapes.

Investigations/Inquiry Play

History and Social Sciences

Today we read, ‘I’m Australian Too’, by Mom Fox.

You can watch  an online version below.

We then had a group discussion about all the places that appear in the book; Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne, Ballarat.

We then had a close look at Australia and where we are from, South Australia. We shared a few of the places we all know and love in South Australia.

We then went on a Walk around the school, pointing out the different places we can could see beyond  the schools gates, shops, houses, clubs, parks…

We then returned to our learning area and recorded some of our favourite place.


Monday 18/05/2020 – Week 4, Term 2.

Welcome to Week 4 of Term 2!

Welcome everyone! We are looking forward to another week of learning! We are very excited to have welcomed back just about everyone in R1FD and R1KJ!

As always we are still maintaining hygiene, by encouraging frequent hand washing particularly before eating and when returning to the room as well as sterilising all surfaces, light switches and door handles in the learning area every morning and throughout the day where possible.

Thank you for all of your support as always. Please remember we are always available via email if you should feel the need to chat about your child and their learning. We know it is difficult at the moment with restrictions to entering the school but please feel assured that we are still contactable and still happy to help wherever we can.

Come Read with Me

Our day started with reading! Reading with peers, independently and with the teacher.


Our shared reading text for this week is called, Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson.

Click on the link below to watch a movie of me reading our shared reading text…

Room on the Broom

Writer’s Workshop

After we started working on our Writer’s Workshop where we develop the skills to become a writer. Each week we showcase the literacy we have discovered over the course of the year and apply it to our very own writing. In time we will be writing our own little short books.

Today we had a question to answer in sentence form…

‘Who is on your broom?’

We were encouraged to answer this question in sentence form, (On my broom sat a fox, bear and racoon.’ or use the question as inspiration for creating our own version of the story.

‘On my broom was a butterfly.’ – Emily

‘On my broom there was a kite.’ – Shane

‘On my broom there was a cat and a witch’. – Monique

‘On my broom there were some humans and a cat and a butterfly.’ – Alana

‘On my broom there was Sonic.’ – Sahib

‘On my broom there is a dog.’ – Mithra

‘On my broom is a witch.’ – Carter

‘On my broom there was a unicorn and a cat.’ – Mia


The Butterfly Song

‘Dear God, thank you for my living creatures and my pet lizard and my pet dragon and my little little big dogs.’ – Shylah.

‘I thank you for making pout world and I thank for the other planets and Shylah, Amen.’ – Oliver

‘Dear God, thank you for Miss Jessop.’ – Thomas

‘Thank you for the people and land.’ Edel

‘Thank you for Mrs Feher and Miss Jessop  and my friends.’ – Viraj.

‘Dear God, thank you for my friend and my pet dog. ‘ – Charlee

‘Dear God, thank you for the whole world and the people.’ – Monique.

‘Thank you for Shylah and Charlee, Darina and my parents.’ – Harper.

‘Thank you for all of my friends.’ Mia

‘Thank you for the planet and the Earth.’ – Natalie.

Mini Mathematics

Exploration of 3D shapes started today!

Children watch the short clip below and then went on to discuss as a group the differences between 2D and 3D shapes.

Handwriting with R1FD

While R1KJ were at PE R1FD discovered a new sound blend.


We thought of some words which use the sound and wrote them in our writing books, ensuring that we were forming the letters correctly and writing within the lines.

Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum

Today we continued our conversations around our right to be safe, what that means, how that feels, what being safe looks like and where safe places are.

Today’s main focus was on safe places..

Children reflected on where their safe place to go to is when they are feeling unsafe. They considered where that safe place would be in different settings, such as…

at home

at school

while shopping

while playing

Unfortunately there was an error with all of the photos take during this session.

We are unable to upload them.

Wonderful work was completed by the children, we saw lots of amazing writing.


Monday, Term 2, Week 3 – 11/05/20 – Quotes and Photos.


What adjectives can we find in, The Gruffalo?

Richard – Knobbly Knees

Eleazar – Turned Out

Shane – He has a poisonous wart

Mitchell – Orange eyes

Oliver – Purple

Shylah – Black tongue


What kind of top is Mrs Feher wearing, use an adjective?

Alexia – Black and white top

Viraj – Stripy top

What kind of hair does Miss Jessop have?

Carter – Miss Jessop has white hair

What kind of cardigan is Miss Jessop wearing?

Harper – Fluffy cardigan


Catholic Identity – Prayer

Where do you share and what do you share?

Alexandros – ‘At OSHC I share toys.’

Alana – ‘I share at home. I share toys with my little brother, Andrew.’

Viraj – ‘I share at home. I share with my brother and love my brother and play with him. I share balls, and toys.’

Mithra – ‘I share with my baby, my phone and my stuff, and my barbie doll houses.’

Dhyani – ‘I share at home. All my toys.’

Monique – ‘I share with my mum and I share with my sister.’

Jason –’Sharing is caring!’

Shane – ‘We share toys.’

Alex – ‘We share stuff.’

Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum


Monday Term 2 Week 3 – 11/05/20

Welcome to Week Three

Welcome to Week Three of Term Two everyone. We hope that all of our mother’s, carers and grandmothers had a wonderful day yesterday.

It is very exciting to see more and more students returning to school! At this point in time we will continue sending work home until we know we have everyone back at school. We are coming to a time where we have very few students absent. It would be very helpful if you could contact us if you are planning to continue home schooling your child. That is if you haven’t already been in contact. That way we can continue supplying home learning material to those who need it.


Tomorrow our morning will start as it usually does with Come Read With Me. Children will have to opportunity to read with themselves, their peers and the teachers.

After we will read out new shared reading text for this week, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

While reading this book we will be paying particular attention to to the different adjectives (describing words), used throughout the book…

‘knobbly knees, terrible claws, terrible teeth, terrible jaws, poisonous wart, orange eyes, black tongue, purple prickles.’

After children will be invited to transfer this knowledge to their Writer’s Workshop where they will be encouraged to illustrate their very own scary forest animal and use words to describe the different features of their scary forest animal.

Catholic Identity – Prayer

After watching the movie above we will discuss and share, how we share at home and at school? What kinds of things are shared? For example, toys, food etc. and why do we share these things?

Mini Maths

While watching the above movie we will pause it frequently to discuss different 2D shapes and their properties.


Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum

A short obstacle course or ‘follow the leader’ activity will be set up in the classroom. Children will follow the leader through the course. After playing the activity, we will discuss what happened using the following focus questions:

• How do we make the activity safe? (Responses could include: rules, everyone being sensible.)

• How do we know if the equipment is safe? (Responses could include: there are government rules for building play equipment, the grounds person checks equipment, children and educators report maintenance problems.)

• How do we make sure children are safe? (Responses could include: adult’s job is to keep children safe, children’s job is to behave safely.)

Children will then illustrate the obstacle course and label the safety considerations to it.

Speck of Gold

We will share our specks of gold with one another to end the day on a positive note.

Wednesday, Week 2, Term 2 – Photos and Quotes.


‘It makes a ‘l’ ‘l’ ‘l’ sound.’ Ziggy

Angelo nods to confirm that his letter makes an ‘l’ sound.

‘Mrs Feher, I made an ‘l’.’ Nickolas

‘We are working together to make a ‘B’.’ Oliver.

‘It is an ‘l’.’ Ziggy.

‘These are ‘l’ too.’ Ziggy.


What does prayer mean?

Where do you pray?

Sahib – ‘prayer means you can pray anywhere you want to or just pray near your house or inside your house or just be good and helpful to other people. We need to be kind to people.’

Viraj – ‘prayer means be kind and stay healthy and happy and pray at home.’

Monique – ‘I pray at home and at church and I pray with myself and with my family.’

Carter – ‘I pray at home.’

Mini Math – Shapes

Callie – ‘Circle and it has one side.’

Viraj – ‘Recetangle and it has 4 sides.’

Sahib – ‘Square and it has 4 sides.’

Connor – ‘Square it has 4 corners.’

Monique – ‘Triangle it has 3 sides.’

Dhyani – ‘Rectangle has 4 sides.’

Let’s turn our high frequency words into sentences…

Mum – ‘My mum is happy’. – Viraj

My – ‘My mum has a Mother’s Day.’ – Sahib

Little – ‘My little teddy play.’ – Dhyani

Your – ‘Your mum is cool.’ -Viraj

I’ve – ‘I’ve got candy.’ – Mikayla.

She – ‘She is my good friend.’ – Monique

Say – ‘My mum will say something to me.’ – Alana

To – ‘I went to school.’ – Alexandros

Now – ‘Now I went to school and now I went home.’ – Natalie

Got – ‘I got a doll.’ – Callie

History and Social Sciences

Where do we live? What is our country called?

Monique –  ‘We live in Australia.’

Who knows where Australia is on this world map?

Viraj found Australia!

Who knows which Sate we live in?

Dhyani – pointed to South Australia on the map of Australia.

Angelo – pointed to SA to show where we live.

Speck of Gold

Monique – ‘Seeing Mr. White’s new building.’

Dhyani – ‘My speck of gold was playing with my friends.’

Viraj – ‘My speck of gold was playing with Connor, Eleazar, Sahib, Nahom, Oliver in the log park.’

Oliver – ‘Playing with my friends and all of today.’

Mitchell – ‘Playing with Shylah’

Eleazar – ‘Playing in the log park with my friends.’

Alana – ‘My speck of gold is playing with my friends.’

Callie – ‘Seeing the teachers.’

Thomas – ‘Playing with Connor, Viraj, Sahib, Mitchell, Eleazar.’

Wednesday, Term 1, Week 2 – 05/05/20


Tomorrow we will start our morning with Come Read with Me, followed by our Shared Reading text, ‘Monkey Puzzle’.

Click on the link below to watch a clip of Mrs. Feher reading ‘Monkey Puzzle’.

Monkey Puzzle

After we will introduce our  sounds for this week, ‘d’ and ‘f’.

Children will then engage in play where several provocations related to our new sounds will be introduced such as, practicing writing the letters on the whiteboards, making the letters with play dough,  searching through our readers for words beginning with our new sounds, painting illustrations of words beginning with our two new sounds and much more.

Catholic Identity – Prayer

Can I pray with my eyes open?

What does prayer mean?

Where do you pray?

Mini Math

Listen to the shape song and talk about the different shapes and their different properties.


Students practice their handwriting of our two new letters and sounds for this week, ‘Bb’ and ‘Ll’.

Humanities and Social Sciences

Children will be invited to view and explore a globe or a world map.

After they will watch the following continents song.

Children will then be encouraged to have a go at drawing their own map of the world.

Specks of Gold

Children will reflect on their day and share their specks of gold.

Monday Term 2, Week 2 – Photos and Quotes.

Literacy – Writer’s Workshop


‘Thank you for the Jesus prayer and the Holy Family for the school and for the teacher. Amen’ – Oliver

‘Thank you for the whole world, and the school and thank you for my friends. Amen’ – Shylah

‘Thank you for the food, water and Shylah.’ – Mia

‘Thank you for the people and family. Amen’ – Callie

‘Thank you God for the whole school and Viraj and the spirit of the Holy Family and for everybody in the school and I hope the sick people can get better with the Corona virus. Thank you God. Amen’ – Sahib

‘Thank you for all the people and thank you for people being nice and thank you for the whole world. Amen.’ – Monique

‘Thank you for all of the dogs. Amen’ – Alexandros.

‘Thank you for Connor and Mitchel and Jason and Shane and Nelson and Sahib and Viraj, Amen.’ – Thomas

Keeping Safe Curriculum

‘It is not safe because she is looking at her phone and not at the cars on the road when she is crossing.’ – Nickolas

‘You have to look left and right when you cross the road, you have to put your phone away.’ – Mikayla

‘They are playing too close to the water. They might fall in. They have to play away from the water.’ – Viraj

‘The ball might go on the road if you play too close to it.’ –  Natalie.

Speck of Gold

Viraj – ‘Playing with my friends.’

Monique – ‘Everyone being happy today.’

Catharine – ‘Monique and Natalie playing with me.’

Alana – ‘Playing with my friends today.’

Thomas – ‘Playing with Jason, Connor, Sahib, Carter and Viraj.’

Sahib – ‘Connor and Viraj for playing with me, and the school.’

Nickolas – ‘My speck of gold was playing in the sandpit.’


Monday Term 2, Week 2 – 04/05/20

Welcome to Week Two!

A warm welcome to everyone at school and everyone at home! We look forward to another week full of learning, investigating, exploring and fun.


Tomorrow we will begin our morning with ‘Come Read with Me’. During this time children are encouraged to read to themselves, each other and with the teachers. We have learning literacy support within the classroom during this time.

After we will introduce our shared reading text for the week. This week we will be reading a book titled, ‘Monkey Puzzle’ by Julia Donaldson. In this book a child monkey is on the search to find his Mother who he loves very much – very fitting for the week leading up to Mother’s Day.

Click on the link below to watch a clip of Mrs Feher reading ‘Monkey Puzzle’…

Monkey Puzzle

Writer’s Workshop

After our shared reading text children will be encouraged to move back to their learning spaces and engage in a writing task. Children will be encouraged to complete the sentence beginning…

My mum is…

Children will be encouraged to extend their writing beyond one sentence if they can and include an illustration with their writing,

Catholic Identity – Prayer

Tomorrow we will listen to and sing the Butterfly Song once again remembering what we are grateful for a sharing our gratitude prayers with our Lord.

Mini Maths – Shapes

The clip will be paused regularly to guess the shape and discuss each shape and its properties.

Sport and Music

Please refer to the PE and Music blog for Week 2 home lessons.


Children will be encouraged to find a comfortable place to lay or sit silently. We will play the above clip and listen to Mindful Ozzy teach us how to be mindful of our breaths.

After we will play the below music and encourage children to practice what Mindful Ozzy taught us!

Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum

Tomorrow we will go through the scenario slides, stopping and analysing each situation and discussing whether or not it is a safe or unsafe situation.

Week 2 Safety Scenarios 1

Week 2 Safety Scenarios 2

After our discussion children will be invited to record their learning in their Learning Journal – illustrate one safe and one unsafe situation.


Thanks everyone! We will be back on the blog tomorrow with photos and quotes.


Monday Week 1, Term 2 27/4/20 – Photos and Quotes.



Alexandros –  ‘thank you lord, for the people and the dogs and we will be happy. Jesus died at the cross.’

Sahib – ‘thank you lord, for the whole world, and Viraj and Connor and everyone who is my friend. You have to be kind to everyone.’

Viraj – ‘thank you for Sahib and Connor and the teachers and Jason and the whole world and God and Jesus and the school and we work hard, and the people. Thank you for them. Thank you for the trees and the suns and the leaves and for learning. Amen.’

Elezar – ‘Dear lord, thank you for Jesus and God.’

Monique –  ‘Thank you Jesus for God and the father and thank you for everything. Amen.’

Chloe – ‘Thank you lord for making me run.’

Catherine – ‘Thank you to Jesus for the grass and Thank you for when you died for us.’

Shylah –  ‘Thank you for Jesus looking after Mary and looking after us and watching all of the kids and looking after all of the teachers and all of the kids, and thank you for all of the dinosaurs. Amen.’

Addition with R1FD

Making Poppies