Thursday’s Learning: 28/05/20

Welcome To Thursday’s Learning!

Come Read With Me

We started our morning with Come Read With Me. During this time students are invited to complete quiet reading individually. Focusing on the following reading strategies:

Eagle Eye – Look at the picture for a clue to help with the word.

Lips The Fish – get your lips ready. Say the first few sounds

Stretchy Snake – Look at the letters in the word. Stretch the sounds out slowly. Go back and say the sounds altogether.

Chunky Monkey – Look for little words, word endings, and word chunks that you know.

Skippy Frog – Skip the word. Read to the end of the sentence. Hop back and read it again.

Flippy Dolphin – Try the short vowel sound. Then flip and try the long vowel sound.

Tryin’ Lion – Still stuck? Re-read the sentence. I think … what makes sense here?

Helpful KangarooAsk for help but only after you have tried all your strategies

We talked about the days of the week this morning. Practicing getting the day of the week in order.

Today is Thursday – Alexia 

Yesterday was Wednesday – Carter 

Tomorrow is Friday – Dhyani 

R/1KJ Single Lesson

For our single lesson today we did a reflection on our Literacy learning so far this year.

Students were encouraged to think about the following question:

What helps you learn?

Nahom –  Practicing my words helps me to read.

Eleazar –  Writing my words helps me learn.

Catharen – Learning my ABC’s with my sister helps me.

Jeikei – Praciting reading a lot helps me get better.

Enrique – Sounding out the letters.


Students are in Spanish during this time. Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning.



In Prayer today we looked at the song, ‘We have the whole world in our hands.’

After this students were asked to reflect on the following question:

How do we look after our earth?

You pick up rubbish – Sahib 

Be kind to other people – Alana

Be friends with people – Thomas

Tidy the world and make it nice – Shane

Thank you for the world God – Monique

Be friends and be kind – Dhyani

Mini Maths

We are continuing to develop our understanding of 3D shapes.

Alana – We are looking at 3D shapes

Monique – Cone

Mikayla – Triangular Prism

Natalie – Cylinder

Elijah – Rectangular Prism

Shane – Sphere

Dhyani – Cube



To further develop our understanding of 2D and 3D shapes students went for a walk around the school looking for shapes on their walk.




Reconciliation Week 

As this week is Reconciliation Week, we spent some time talking about and discussing what Reconciliation Week is.

We started with an acknowledgement of country.

We started by reflecting on the following questions:

What does ‘In This Together?’

Monique – It’s when we focus on what Jesus gave us and we make strong choices together.

Viraj – When the people come to this country, we welcome them.

What are the ingredients of a good friendship?

Alana – Not being mean to people.

Shane – Care for people and use our manners.

Oliver – Keep our friends safe and happy.

What happens when you feel hurt or upset by someone else?

Sahib – It could break a friendship.

Thomas – It can make me feel broken.

Carter – It will leave everyone feeling sad.

What do you do to create new friendships?

Richard – You be kind to them, help them and share.

Natalie – Help people feel better.

Mikayla – You can make them things.

We then discussed how Reconciliation can mean lots of different things to different people. In Australia and our schools, it means that we are working together to ensure that everyone understands and values that we can learn, know, speak and be in many different ways.

We then talked about how the Aboriginal and Indigenous people were the first owners of the land we live on. We talked about ways that we can continue to care for this land.

Students then went and drew and image of how they plan to take care of the land of the Kaurna People


Tuesday’s Learning: 26/05/20

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning 

Morning Meeting

We started our Morning with our Morning Meeting. We did the roll, talked about what our day today will look like.

Yesterday was …. Monday – Monique

Today is …. Tuesday – Thomas

Tomorrow is …. WednesdayAlana


Come Read With Me

We then started ‘Come Read With Me’. We are spending this time developing our confidence and fluency in our reading.


Investigations/Inquiry Based Play

Students engaged in a variety of different activities set up around the classroom. These were based on the following; Fine Motor Development, Socio-Dramatic Play, Construction Play, Art/Craft & Literacy Based Activities. 


Students listened to the song ‘God’s House’.

After listening to the song they were asked to reflect on the following question:


Prayer means God is listening – Shylah 

The song was about Joy and Prayer – Mikayla 

You can prayer in God’s House – Dhyani

What is God’s House?

It means that God’s House is in Joy – Shane

People be kind to the world because they want to take care of it – Mithra 

God’s house means we prayer and we listen to God – Viraj

God’s house means when people don’t have a house, God welcomes them in – Alana 

God’s house means that he is being nice and saving everybody – Monique 

We sing and dance in God’s House – Hannah


Mini Maths

To further develop our understanding of 3D shapes, we watched the below clip.


Mixed Literacy Activities 

We will begin our Literacy learning by revisiting our text for this week. ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’

After this students spilt into 4 different literacy based groups and completed the following learning.

  • Guided Reading
  • Word Work – High Frequency Words
  • Reading/Story Response to the book
  • Alphabet Writing & Matching


Students spent some time relaxing and reflecting on their day. Ready to continue the learning for the last part of their day.




We spent some time in the Library borrowing new books for the week, and practising our reading strategies to ourselves after borrowing.


R/1KJ Single Lesson

We spent some time practicing our letter sound for this week – ie

We talked about the two sounds each letter makes individually, and then the sound it makes when it is together, and how it is called a blend sound.

Students then went and practiced the writing of this letter sound, and thought of words that had this sound and draw images to match.


Thank You for another beautiful day! We look forward to seeing you all again tomorrow! 

Thursday’s Learning – 21/05/2020

Welcome To Thursday’s Learning!

R/1KJ & R/1FD Single Lesson

For our single lessons today, we continued to look at the letter sound ‘oa’.

We talked about the sound it makes, and how this sound is a blend of two different sounds ‘o’ and ‘a’ but when we blend them together these sounds don’t stay seperate but blend to make a different sound.

Students then spent time practicing their writing of this sound. They also drew some picture of words they knew had this sound in them. ‘Boat’, ‘Goat, ‘Toast’.



Please refer to the Spanish blog for todays learning.



Today we looked at the song: We have the whole word in our hands.

Students were then asked to reflect on the following question:

How do we care for what God has created for us?

  • Richard – we could recycle things like bottles and milk containers.
  • Nikolas – we could recycle plastic
  • Monique – i could take somebodies dog for a walk
  • Mikayla – I could help feed someones dog
  • Charlee – i could care for a dog
  • Alana – i can take care and love my brother
  • Ziggy – i will feed my cat
  • Viraj will take care of my brother
  • Edel – i will pick up paper


Mini Maths 

We watched a short clip on 3D shapes to further develop our understanding of the different between 2D and 3D shapes.


We spent time today experimenting with 3D shapes through investigative play. The following invitations to learning were set up.

  • Sorting Cards – Matching 3D shapes to their image, name and properties
  • Creating 3D shapes – With paper
  • Creating 3D shapes with play dough and tooth picks.
  • Magnets to create 3D shapes
  • Labelling and recording 3D shapes around the classroom

what i know about 3D shapes?

  • Mitchell – the drink bottle is a cylinder
  • Nikolas – there is a cube, a dice is a cube
  • Mikayla – a cone is like an ice cream cone
  • Monique – a cube
  • Sahib – a rubric cube




We spent some time relaxing this afternoon to prepare our bodies and minds for the rest of the day.


In the home corner a menu was put out as a provocation…. Naomi and Monique quickly decided they would make their own restaurant menu.

  • Naomi – spaghetti is $2 dollars, apple juice is $3dollars
  • Monquie – my menu is like hungry jacks…chips, nuggets it costs 4 dollars and the chips cost 2 dollars

At the lego table many creations were happening – a spaceship, a plane, a dragon and a pyramid!!



Term 2, Week 4: Tuesday 19/05/20

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning! 

Come Read With Me

We started our morning with Come Read With Me. Focusing during this time on our reading strategies.

Investigations/Inquiry Play

Investigations/Inquiry based play assist students in developing socio-dramatic, social and emotional and inquiry based learning skills


Today we looked at the at the scripture: Zacchaeus

Students were then asked to participate in a reflection prayer.

Monique – ‘ he was telling the people sop that he can helping.’

Richard – ‘he turned the him into good.’

Viraj ‘- ‘the man was giving money. He was helpful and kind. He gave the golden necklace. He gave all of his things, Amen.’

Sahib ‘thank you god for Jesus, and all of my friends.’

Shylah – ‘dear god thank you for all of the people in the world and whoever is so kind to me.’

Layla – Thank you for my friends.

Mini Maths

We will continue to look at 3D shapes. Spending some time watching the below clip


Literacy – Mixed Literacy Activities 

Today we were separated into 4 groups to do literacy based learning rotations.

Guided Reading: Spending time reading with the teacher and peers. Focusing on our reading strategies. 

Word Work: Using our high frequency words for the week, students used the word work cards to write their words in some of the following ways; rainbow, backwards, drawing pictures, alphabetical order. 

Creating a new page for the story:Students were given prompts to assist them. Using these prompts students were asked to create a new page for the book. Writing/creating a new part of the story. 

Practicing High Frequency Words: Students were given the high frequency words for the week, they needed to do the 3 things for each word. Read it, create it and write it. 


We spent some time today doing some mindfulness. Focusing on our breathing, and letting our minds be still and our bodies rest.


Students were in the library during this time. Practicing their reading strategies and borrowing new books for the week.

Letter Sounds.

Students spent this looking at our letter sound for this week ‘oa’ we talked about the sound and words associated with this.


Term 2: Week 3 – Thursday 14/05/20

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning! 

Please see below all the learning we did in class today!

R/1KJ Single Lesson

Today in our single lesson we spent some time talking about how we are all different and unique. We talked about how these are the things that make us special. Students then reflected on the following  question:

What makes you special?

Dhyani – Being a good friend makes me special 

Shane – I love playing Basketball. That makes me special.

Eleazar – My smile makes me special

Mia – Drawing makes me feel special 

Catharen – Playing with my friends makes me special


Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning 



Today we looked at the prayer story: A story of charity

We then spent some time reflecting on what this story told us.

Viraj – The mum made a jacket for the boy because it was cold.

Natalie – It tells us to be kind.

Monique – Making a jacket to keep us warm when it’s cold.

Dhyani – The boy was caring for the other boy.

Alexandros – The boys was being kind by giving the jacket to make the other boy happy.

Richard – The boy was giving the jacket to the other boy.

Eleazar – They were looking after each other. They keep each other warm.

Shane – It told me that we need to be kind to each other.


We continued to look at shapes today. We are focusing on what the name of the shapes are and their prosperities.

We sung a song on shapes!

After this we spent time creating our own SHAPE MONSTERS!!


Dining Hall

We were very lucky to have our first Dining Hall experience for this Term!



Today we did a longer mindfulness to calm our bodies for the rest of our learning today.



We finished our day with Investigative play



Our Learning – Tuesday 12/05/20

Happy Tuesday! 

Below is all our learning for today.

Come Read With Me

We started our day with some quiet reading. Practicing our reading strategies during this time


We continued our morning with some Investigations Play.

Callie & Emily working on their sounds together – testing one another

‘Look Miss Jessop! I made an ATM’



Today we looked at a story of charity as we begin to focus on Mission Week. We then discussed the following question;

What does God give to people to help them live?


Shane – God gives us our bones and our blood, and our food for us to survive and for us to not suffer.

Viraj – God gives us the boat, the water and the log. He also gave us the earth and the animals in the world. He gave us the sun and the moon.

Alexandros – He gave us the trains.

Alexia – God gave us our bodies so we can go and do things.

Dhyani – God gave us kitchen things, toys so we can play and do stuff.

Charlee – God gave us houses and parents, and gave us food and water.

Callie – God gave me my parents to look after me. God gives us water.

Mithra – God gives us life, and food and water to drink.

We also discussed the following questions

Do all people in the world have these things? 

Viraj – Yes. They come from different countries but they have trains in China and India too. They have food too.

Shane – Some people have it, but some people don’t have these things. Some aren’t lucky people and they live in the desert, but they do have bones and blood. Some things they don’t have.

Mini Maths 

We continued to investigate shape today. Further discussing the shapes in the video and their properties. Really focusing on the sides, corners and lines of the shapes.


We looked at our shared text again for this week. The Gruffalo, talked about the story and the adjectives again. After this we split into 4 different literacy groups to work on the following tasks.

  • Story sequencing 
  • Book Making
  • Puppet Making
  • Practicing our High Frequency Words
  • Writing a sentence about the story 



We went to the library today to borrow some new readers and picture books. Whilst in the library we listened to Mrs. Feher and Miss Jessop read to us.


We then spent the rest of the time using our reading strategies to read to ourselves.


R/1 KJ Single Lesson

For our single lesson today we spent time reflecting on our learning. We talked about times when we are creative in our learning, and at home. We talked as a class about finishing the sentence: I am creative when …

Shane – I am creative in Science and we can make stuff.

Charlee – When we do craft

Dhyani – Creative means you do art and make some pictures or draw a garden.

Monique – I am creative when someone makes a happy face.

Natalie – Creative is painting and drawing.


Specks of Gold 

Connor – Playing with Nickolas, Thomas and Ziggy

Alexia – People being kind 

Thomas – Playing with my friends.

Mithra – plying with my friends.

Alana – Playing with Darina and Mikayla.

Hannah – When my mummy and daddy play with me.

Mikayla – My speck of gold is playing with Alana, Darina, Margy and Selina.

Viraj – Playing with Jasper on the laptop at lunch time with Sahib.

Monique – Making with the colour paper.

Richard – plying with Thomas, Connor, Viraj and Shane.

Charlee – playing with Catharen

Term 2: Week 3 – Tuesday 12/05/20

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning

Below you will find everything we will be doing in class today!

Come Read With Me

We will start our day with some quiet reading time. Use this time to focus on your reading strategies!



We will re-visit our shared text for this week. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. Please take a moment to listen to Mrs. Feher read this text below.

The Gruffalo[1]

After this we will be doing a variety of different literacy based activities based upon The Gruffalo. These include the following;

  • Sequencing of the story
  • Memory Game of High Frequency Words
  • Treasure Hunt – Finding The Gruffalo Characters around the room
  • Puppet making – of The Gruffalo characters
  • Booking Making – with the assistance of our describing words



With this week being Mission Week, we will begin to look at this and what it means.

After this we will discuss the following question:

What are things that God gives people to live?

Work with children on generating a list of the world’s resources such as; water, land, food and necessities such as shelter, jobs, education, etc.

Then discuss the following questions:

  • Does everyone in the class have these?
  • Do all people in the world have these things? 
  • How do you know?
  • Have you heard about this before?


Mini Maths 

Watch the clip below on shapes, pausing frequently to discuss.



During this time you can do one of the following, or all.

  • Art/craft
  • Socio-Dramatic play
  • Construction Play
  • STEM
  • Cooking
  • Lego
  • Block
  • Outdoor Nature Play
  • Dramatic Play

You can also practice your high frequency words during this time












Choose a book from your library bag and spend some time reading this. Using your reading strategies to assist you.




Phonics Focus 

Introduce the blend sound – ai


Spend some time thinking of some words that have this sound in them, such as; rain, train, pain.

Spend some time writing upper and lower case letters for AI ai and write these 10 times and draw and label items that start with or have the ai sound in them.


Specks of Gold 

Reflect on what you have done today in both pictures and words. What was your one speck of gold today?

Our Learning – Thursday 07/05/2020

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning! 

R/1KJ Single Lesson

This Morning for our single lesson we spent time looking at our Phonics sound for this week – Bb.

We talked about the letter, the formation of it and if we knew any words that started with the letter Bb.

Ball & Bumble Bee – Harper

Baby – Shylah

Bicycle – Monique

Basket – Thomas

Banana – Nahom

Bear – Eleazar

Berry – Dhyani

Balloon – Jason


Some children also had a go at writing their own sentences.


Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning



Toady we look at a creation story.

We then reflected on the following question: 

How did God create the world?

Viraj – God created the world the moon first then the earth and then the sky. It took 50 days and 50 nights.

Shylah – By living in different countries.

Monique – He said the light could be bright, and he said let there be brightness.

Natalie – God created the world with his magic

Ziggy – With his power

Catharen – He said there would be lots of animals

Mithra – God created the world by putting lots of animals and lots of baby animals and humans in the world

Chloe – He created everything for us.

Dhyani – God created the stars.


Mini Maths

We continued to look at different shapes and tested our knowledge with this.



We had some time to do investigations this morning, as well as work on some more of our Mother’s Day gifts! Today was super exciting.. we got LAPTOPS!! We explored ways to use the laptop. Children were in engaged in photo booth, active inspire and maths games. It was great to see them working together to use the laptops.


Orange Picking

We were very lucky today! Mr. Snell invited us over to do some Orange picking! We were very grateful for this!




Sun Inquiry 

We are continuing our sun inquiry. We started by looking at the sun, talking about our shadows and we watched a story on our shadows. We then went outside and had some of our delicious oranges!!

We then also traced some shadows that we could see outside!




After this we discussed the things we noticed about our shadows.

Alana – Traced the shadow 

Monique – The shadows were easy to trace

Connor – The sun was making a shadow

Sahib – I noticed when you’re in the shade your shadow goes away

Nahom – You have to be quick to trace shadows

Mithra – We got to draw peoples shadows, but it only comes when the sun is out

Harper – The sun was reflecting a shadow, and when I stood on top of the shadow it changed and disappeared


Aboriginal Education

We looked briefly at the book Tiddalick The Frog and then shared our thoughts.

Monique – There was a snake. He was doing some tricks to get the water out.

Viraj – The frog drank all the water and the planet lost all it’s water. They had to make the frog laugh to get all the water back.


Specks of Gold

Thomas – Playing with Jason, Mitchell and Connor

Alana- My speck of gold is making jokes with my friends

Natalie – My speck of gold was playing on the oval

Dhyani – My speck of gold was playing with Chloe, Mia and Mikayla

Jason – Playing with Ziggy

Nahom – Playing with my friends

Sahib – Playing laptops with Viraj

Viraj – Playing laptops with Sahib

Mia – Playing with the laptops

Shylah – My speck of gold is playing with my friends


Term 2 – Week 2: Thursday 06/05/20

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning!


Come Read With Me

Tomorrow we will start our morning with Come Read with Me, followed by our Shared Reading text, ‘Monkey Puzzle’.

Click on the link below to watch a clip of Mrs. Feher reading ‘Monkey Puzzle’.

Monkey Puzzle



We will continue to look at the letter ‘Bb’.

  • We will look at the letter and practice on saying the sound it makes.
  • We will work on correct letter formation.
  • We will use our black book and practice writing our upper case B and lower case b 10 times each.
  • We will draw an image and label everything in that image that starts with the letter B


Please refer to the Spanish blog for this weeks learning



We will look at the song ‘We have the whole world in our hands’ which is a creation story.

We will then focus on the following:

How could God create our world?

Mini Maths


This week for Investigations we will be setting up different experiences for students to create special cards/gifts for their mum’s as mothers day is on Sunday. (Continue working on these from Tuesday)


The Mother’s Day crafts are:

  • Card Making
  • Hand Paintings
  • Flower/Bouquet making


Feel free to do the Mother’s Day tasks, or some of the following Investigation Tasks.



  • Art/craft
  • Socio-dramatic play
  • Construction play
  • STEM
  • Cooking



You can spend some time now resting your bodies. See if you can lay outside and see what shapes you can see in the sky! How many can you name?


Aboriginal Dreaming Story

We will be looking at the Dreamtime story – Tiddalick The Frog.



After this children will be invited to create a mask/puppet version of Tiddalick and recreate part of the story by drawing/writing it.

Speck of Gold

We will end our day with a speck of gold.

Reflecting on one thing that happened today that was brighter than everything else. 


Our Learning – Tuesday 05/04/2020

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning!

Come Read With Me

We started our day with some relaxation reading time. The classroom was a calm environment with some relaxation music playing.

During this time students are encouraged to practice their reading, and use their reading strategies to assist them.



Today during investigations we spent some time doing something special for our Mum’s for Mothers Day!

We can’t show you any photos because these are very special to us and we want them to be a surprise for Mother’s Day!

we cannot wait for you to see what we have made for you! 



Today we read the story; Can I pray with my eyes open? We then took some time to reflect on when we pray and why prayer is important to us.

Prayer means you have good thoughts for Mary and Jesus. – Shylah

I pray when I’m at home – Oliver 

I pray when I go to bed. I pray for my friends, the teachers and nature – Natalie 

I pray when I’m at home – Monique 

I pray at block world – Alexandros

Prayer means to me making stuff and make my friends safe. It helps me be good. – Sahib

Pray means to be kind and safe. We prayer and listen to a prayer – Viraj

I pray at home. I pray for Oliver, Catharen, Viraj, Sahib, Connor, Alexandros, Nahom, Carter, Nelson and for our buddies, and for our brothers. – Eleazar.

I pray at home and school – Dhyani. 


Mini Maths 

With a focus on shapes, we had a look around the classroom to see what shapes we could see. This is what we came up with!

The door is rectangle – Carter

Exit Sign is rectangle – Sahib 

The room is a rectangle – Nikolas 

The window is square – Thomas 

The cupboard has a triangle – Alana 

The TV is rectangle – Connor 

The learning board – Viraj

An oval on the inside of the scissors – Monique 

The books are square – Hannah

The table is circle – Nahom

Literacy – Mixed Literacy Activities 

We re-visited our text ‘Monkey Puzzle’. The children were able to tell us the name of the text and who the author was.

We then spent some time doing some mixed literacy activities.

  • See how many of our High Frequency words you can find in the text, and write these on the whiteboard.
  • Make a new page for the book – Monkey meets a …
  • Create a puppet of one of the animals in the text – give this puppet a name. See if you can create a role-play story with this animal.


Phonics – Letter Bb

We practiced one of our Phonics letters for this week. The letter Bb.

We focused on the formation of this shape, how to do a B and a b. We tried in the air and then in our books.


During this time children borrow 3 new readers for the week, and 2 picture books.



We ended our Tuesday with some mindfulness. We rested our bodies before doing some mindfulness colouring.



Learning From Home

We still love hearing about your day if you are currently learning from home! Below is some learning that Jeikei and Enrique have been doing at the end of last week.