Instrumental Music Lessons

Did you know that your child is able to learn an instrument at school?  Information and enrolment booklets are available now; you can pick up a copy from the school office, Music teacher or Music blog. Please return them as quickly as possible as instrumental teachers have already begun planning their timetables and waiting lists may apply.   

You may like to choose one of the following – violin, drums, singing, classical guitar, piano or keyboard.

Also Recorder, flute, saxophone – subject to enrolment numbers.

Don’t miss out on giving your child the gift of music. Enrol now!


Nick our talented Drum teacher is offering shared lessons this term. Two students in a 30 minute slot. $15 each student. This is a fantastic opportunity to try drumming at half price!

Welcome to 2020!


We warmly welcome you to our classroom blog.

Here we will share the children’s reflections, thoughts and feelings towards their learning experiences. The aim of the blog is to make learning visible with the children’s voice being at the forefront. We will be using the blog to showcase and share range of different learning experiences, inquiries and projects throughout the year.

We would love for this space to be interactive where families can comment and add to the children’s learning experience.

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Our theme for the beginning of the year is the sun and sunshine. You may have noticed it on the children’s name tags. We will be exploring the sun as a beginning point for our class project this term. There will be more to come later in the week about this project so keep your eyes out.  

During the closing days of a long, cold winter the warmth of the sun brings hope for a “bright tomorrow.”

The worldwide presence of the sun has occasioned many symbolic values in different cultures such as warmth, brightness, and equity as well as outright worship. In the Scriptures the sun was often mentioned in connection with the common cycle of life and/or routines and activities of life (cf. Eccl. 1:3-5; 6:5; 12:2). In his praise of God the psalmist points out that the sun “sets according a regular schedule” (Ps. 104:19) so that when the sun rises the lions “sleep in their dens” (v. 22) and “men then go out to their work, and labor away until evening” (v. 23). Accordingly, Seow first points out the similarity of Qoheleth’s recurring phrase “under the sun” to the phrase “under the heavens” that “refers to the universality of human experiences everywhere in the world”. Of added importance is the fact that the sun is a key life giving and sustaining source. Therefore, seeing the sun” could indicate the fact of being alive (cf. Job 3:16; Ps. 58:8). More importantly, the sun could serve as a metaphor for God. Thus the psalmist declares that “The LORD God is a sun and shield. The LORD gives grace and glory; he does not withhold the good from those who live with integrity” (Ps. 84:11, HCSB). Just as living beings and things are energised by the sun (Eccl. 11:7), in a far greater way God is portrayed as the ultimate source and sustainer of life.

We look forward to sharing our year with you.