Friday 15th May, week 3 term 2


We continued our learning about continents etc.

We had a look at the examples of plane tickets and what information to include on the ticket.

Students will create their own plane ticket. Students will then choose a continent to travel to on the plane ticket.



We continued practicing our readers with friends or teacher. Also used the class library to read different books. Some children enjoyed reading the Gruffalo together – it was great to see the comprehension and reading strategies during this time.


We sung the Song ‘do to others’

We then Read the story,

 reflect on the story….

Alana – Teaching others to be kind to each other.

Sahib – The boy was sharing his jacket because it was cold and he didn’t have a home to live in, that’s why he didn’t have a place to stay in and why he was cold.

Monique – It makes you have to be kind, because you will make people feel better.

Viraj – The boy was sharing the jacket and he made him happy with his kindness.

share our prayers….

Shylah – Dear God, Thank You for Harper and Catharen and Charlee and Nahom and Mitchell. Amen.

Thomas – Dear God, Thank You for Thomas, Mitchell, Carter, Nahom, Alex, Shylah. Amen.

Charlee – Dear God, Thank you for my family. My brothers, my sister and my friends. Amen.

Alexandros – Dear God, Thank You for the trains. Amen.

Elijah – Dear God, Thank You for Mrs. Roberts. Amen.

Eleazar – Dear God, Thank you Alex for being my friend. Thank you for all my friends. Amen.

Oliver – Dear God, Thank You Jesus for making our planet and thank you for the sun and the moon. Amen,


Following on from our prayer.

Students wrote prayer for help to work towards a world where the things that we all need to live are shared fairly.



We went out to the oval and played some group games today.



Discussion and recap on the shapes we know that are in the world around us….

Shylah – Triangles on my shoe.

Carter – A square on the window.

Shane – My Mum has square windows.

Alexandros – Rectangle. The front door at home.

Eleazar – Shapes at home. Circle for my clock.

Viraj – Bayblades are circle.

Monique – My roof at home is triangle.

Natalie – The sun is a circle.

Hannah – Circle is a clock.

Alana – Rectangle for books.




Shane – Playing with Enrique at the oval.

Jason – Playing with Connor

Thomas – Playing with Connor and Alex, Nahom, Shane, Sahib.

Alexia – Drawing with my friend.

Alana – Watching my buddy play minecraft

Viraj – Playing at log park with Thomas, Mitchell, Jason, Nahom, Carter and Sahib.

Charlee – Playing tricks on Mr. Urdanoff.

Monique – Playing with Chloe.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone and we look forward to seeing you all next week 🙂

Term 2: Week 3 – Thursday 14/05/20

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning! 

Please see below all the learning we did in class today!

R/1KJ Single Lesson

Today in our single lesson we spent some time talking about how we are all different and unique. We talked about how these are the things that make us special. Students then reflected on the following  question:

What makes you special?

Dhyani – Being a good friend makes me special 

Shane – I love playing Basketball. That makes me special.

Eleazar – My smile makes me special

Mia – Drawing makes me feel special 

Catharen – Playing with my friends makes me special


Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning 



Today we looked at the prayer story: A story of charity

We then spent some time reflecting on what this story told us.

Viraj – The mum made a jacket for the boy because it was cold.

Natalie – It tells us to be kind.

Monique – Making a jacket to keep us warm when it’s cold.

Dhyani – The boy was caring for the other boy.

Alexandros – The boys was being kind by giving the jacket to make the other boy happy.

Richard – The boy was giving the jacket to the other boy.

Eleazar – They were looking after each other. They keep each other warm.

Shane – It told me that we need to be kind to each other.


We continued to look at shapes today. We are focusing on what the name of the shapes are and their prosperities.

We sung a song on shapes!

After this we spent time creating our own SHAPE MONSTERS!!


Dining Hall

We were very lucky to have our first Dining Hall experience for this Term!



Today we did a longer mindfulness to calm our bodies for the rest of our learning today.



We finished our day with Investigative play



Our learning Wednesday 13th May, term 2 week 3


We read the Gruffalo – role modelling fluency and expression. whilst reading children listened out for the Jj sound.



  • We looked at the ai and Jj sound.

Introduce ‘Jj’ and ‘ai’

  • We practised correct formation of the letters.
  • We then brainstormed sound words that had these sounds….


  • we then explored the sounds through play based activities. We even had the laptops to practice the words.
  • We also recorded sentences in our books and tried to remember finger spaces and full stops.



Children read their readers or chose books from our classroom library to read together.



This week we will be looking deeper at sharing and kindness in light of Mission week celebrations. Today’s prayer is a focus on how we can share.

Watch clip and reflect


  • Nathaniel – i liked how the bird shared
  • Alex – the bird was trying to eat all the bait from the fishing
  • Alana – he was taking it becuase he was trying to give to his babies
  • Monique – the bird then got some fish for the dog and shared


Look at the picture/cartoon on the screen….

Discuss: How should the cake be shared? What have we learned about how things in the world are shared? Does everyone in the world get a fair share?

  • Jason – could cut it up
  • Mikayla – the cake pieces should be the same cut them all the same
  • Richard – get even pieces
  • Sahib – some people have lots of food, but some people have no food they dont even have a home! but we need food to stay alive
  • Viraj – some people dont have a job and cant buy food and then some people have money and lots of food, some are rich people some are poor
  • Jason – some people can share their food if you have
  • Alana – some people could share the food so other people can have some food.



We played a ‘boot camp’ game’


R1TD went to Music class!


Children sit with their  Maths book, pause the clip at watch shape and use a ruler to draw the shapes.

What we know about shapes….

  • Alana – I know a square has 4 sides and they are all the same size
  • Mithra – each shapes have different sides….a triangle has 3 sides
  • Mikayla – a rectangle has two longer sides than the other 2sides
  • Monique – a triangle has 3 sides
  • Elezar – 4 sides
  • Viraj – a square has more sides than a triangle
  • Harper pointed to what a side is on a shape
  • Viraj pointed to the corners




A time to pause, be calm and focus on our breathing through positive meditation.

INVESTIGATIONS – Power of provocations in our learning

We explored provocations, inquiry based thinking through play this afternoon.

  • Art/craft
  • Socio-dramatic play
  • Construction play
  • STEM
  • Cooking
  • Lego
  • Blocks
  • Drawing
  • Creating
  • Exploring the outdoors.
  • Sensory play – play dough, sand, water, shaving cream.



Thanks for a fun day everyone we look forward to seeing you all in the morning.

Our Learning – Tuesday 12/05/20

Happy Tuesday! 

Below is all our learning for today.

Come Read With Me

We started our day with some quiet reading. Practicing our reading strategies during this time


We continued our morning with some Investigations Play.

Callie & Emily working on their sounds together – testing one another

‘Look Miss Jessop! I made an ATM’



Today we looked at a story of charity as we begin to focus on Mission Week. We then discussed the following question;

What does God give to people to help them live?


Shane – God gives us our bones and our blood, and our food for us to survive and for us to not suffer.

Viraj – God gives us the boat, the water and the log. He also gave us the earth and the animals in the world. He gave us the sun and the moon.

Alexandros – He gave us the trains.

Alexia – God gave us our bodies so we can go and do things.

Dhyani – God gave us kitchen things, toys so we can play and do stuff.

Charlee – God gave us houses and parents, and gave us food and water.

Callie – God gave me my parents to look after me. God gives us water.

Mithra – God gives us life, and food and water to drink.

We also discussed the following questions

Do all people in the world have these things? 

Viraj – Yes. They come from different countries but they have trains in China and India too. They have food too.

Shane – Some people have it, but some people don’t have these things. Some aren’t lucky people and they live in the desert, but they do have bones and blood. Some things they don’t have.

Mini Maths 

We continued to investigate shape today. Further discussing the shapes in the video and their properties. Really focusing on the sides, corners and lines of the shapes.


We looked at our shared text again for this week. The Gruffalo, talked about the story and the adjectives again. After this we split into 4 different literacy groups to work on the following tasks.

  • Story sequencing 
  • Book Making
  • Puppet Making
  • Practicing our High Frequency Words
  • Writing a sentence about the story 



We went to the library today to borrow some new readers and picture books. Whilst in the library we listened to Mrs. Feher and Miss Jessop read to us.


We then spent the rest of the time using our reading strategies to read to ourselves.


R/1 KJ Single Lesson

For our single lesson today we spent time reflecting on our learning. We talked about times when we are creative in our learning, and at home. We talked as a class about finishing the sentence: I am creative when …

Shane – I am creative in Science and we can make stuff.

Charlee – When we do craft

Dhyani – Creative means you do art and make some pictures or draw a garden.

Monique – I am creative when someone makes a happy face.

Natalie – Creative is painting and drawing.


Specks of Gold 

Connor – Playing with Nickolas, Thomas and Ziggy

Alexia – People being kind 

Thomas – Playing with my friends.

Mithra – plying with my friends.

Alana – Playing with Darina and Mikayla.

Hannah – When my mummy and daddy play with me.

Mikayla – My speck of gold is playing with Alana, Darina, Margy and Selina.

Viraj – Playing with Jasper on the laptop at lunch time with Sahib.

Monique – Making with the colour paper.

Richard – plying with Thomas, Connor, Viraj and Shane.

Charlee – playing with Catharen

Term 2: Week 3 – Tuesday 12/05/20

Welcome to Tuesday’s Learning

Below you will find everything we will be doing in class today!

Come Read With Me

We will start our day with some quiet reading time. Use this time to focus on your reading strategies!



We will re-visit our shared text for this week. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson. Please take a moment to listen to Mrs. Feher read this text below.

The Gruffalo[1]

After this we will be doing a variety of different literacy based activities based upon The Gruffalo. These include the following;

  • Sequencing of the story
  • Memory Game of High Frequency Words
  • Treasure Hunt – Finding The Gruffalo Characters around the room
  • Puppet making – of The Gruffalo characters
  • Booking Making – with the assistance of our describing words



With this week being Mission Week, we will begin to look at this and what it means.

After this we will discuss the following question:

What are things that God gives people to live?

Work with children on generating a list of the world’s resources such as; water, land, food and necessities such as shelter, jobs, education, etc.

Then discuss the following questions:

  • Does everyone in the class have these?
  • Do all people in the world have these things? 
  • How do you know?
  • Have you heard about this before?


Mini Maths 

Watch the clip below on shapes, pausing frequently to discuss.



During this time you can do one of the following, or all.

  • Art/craft
  • Socio-Dramatic play
  • Construction Play
  • STEM
  • Cooking
  • Lego
  • Block
  • Outdoor Nature Play
  • Dramatic Play

You can also practice your high frequency words during this time












Choose a book from your library bag and spend some time reading this. Using your reading strategies to assist you.




Phonics Focus 

Introduce the blend sound – ai


Spend some time thinking of some words that have this sound in them, such as; rain, train, pain.

Spend some time writing upper and lower case letters for AI ai and write these 10 times and draw and label items that start with or have the ai sound in them.


Specks of Gold 

Reflect on what you have done today in both pictures and words. What was your one speck of gold today?

Monday, Term 2, Week 3 – 11/05/20 – Quotes and Photos.


What adjectives can we find in, The Gruffalo?

Richard – Knobbly Knees

Eleazar – Turned Out

Shane – He has a poisonous wart

Mitchell – Orange eyes

Oliver – Purple

Shylah – Black tongue


What kind of top is Mrs Feher wearing, use an adjective?

Alexia – Black and white top

Viraj – Stripy top

What kind of hair does Miss Jessop have?

Carter – Miss Jessop has white hair

What kind of cardigan is Miss Jessop wearing?

Harper – Fluffy cardigan


Catholic Identity – Prayer

Where do you share and what do you share?

Alexandros – ‘At OSHC I share toys.’

Alana – ‘I share at home. I share toys with my little brother, Andrew.’

Viraj – ‘I share at home. I share with my brother and love my brother and play with him. I share balls, and toys.’

Mithra – ‘I share with my baby, my phone and my stuff, and my barbie doll houses.’

Dhyani – ‘I share at home. All my toys.’

Monique – ‘I share with my mum and I share with my sister.’

Jason –’Sharing is caring!’

Shane – ‘We share toys.’

Alex – ‘We share stuff.’

Keeping Safe – Child Protection Curriculum


Monday Term 2 Week 3 – 11/05/20

Welcome to Week Three

Welcome to Week Three of Term Two everyone. We hope that all of our mother’s, carers and grandmothers had a wonderful day yesterday.

It is very exciting to see more and more students returning to school! At this point in time we will continue sending work home until we know we have everyone back at school. We are coming to a time where we have very few students absent. It would be very helpful if you could contact us if you are planning to continue home schooling your child. That is if you haven’t already been in contact. That way we can continue supplying home learning material to those who need it.


Tomorrow our morning will start as it usually does with Come Read With Me. Children will have to opportunity to read with themselves, their peers and the teachers.

After we will read out new shared reading text for this week, The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

While reading this book we will be paying particular attention to to the different adjectives (describing words), used throughout the book…

‘knobbly knees, terrible claws, terrible teeth, terrible jaws, poisonous wart, orange eyes, black tongue, purple prickles.’

After children will be invited to transfer this knowledge to their Writer’s Workshop where they will be encouraged to illustrate their very own scary forest animal and use words to describe the different features of their scary forest animal.

Catholic Identity – Prayer

After watching the movie above we will discuss and share, how we share at home and at school? What kinds of things are shared? For example, toys, food etc. and why do we share these things?

Mini Maths

While watching the above movie we will pause it frequently to discuss different 2D shapes and their properties.


Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum

A short obstacle course or ‘follow the leader’ activity will be set up in the classroom. Children will follow the leader through the course. After playing the activity, we will discuss what happened using the following focus questions:

• How do we make the activity safe? (Responses could include: rules, everyone being sensible.)

• How do we know if the equipment is safe? (Responses could include: there are government rules for building play equipment, the grounds person checks equipment, children and educators report maintenance problems.)

• How do we make sure children are safe? (Responses could include: adult’s job is to keep children safe, children’s job is to behave safely.)

Children will then illustrate the obstacle course and label the safety considerations to it.

Speck of Gold

We will share our specks of gold with one another to end the day on a positive note.

Friday, Term 1, week 2


We read our shared reading book for the last time this week – role modelling fluency and expression!

Children than discussed the story….

Mithra – its funny he can’t find his mum!

Alana – the butterfly was helping the monkey but he kept getting it wrong, it wasn’t his mum

Alexandros – the monkey kept saying ‘no no no!’

Monique – the snake was on the tree and the monkey saw the snake

Viraj – the butterfly had trouble to help him

Nikolas – he solved the problem when he said that his mum looked like him

Mithra – the butterfly babies didn’t look like the butterfly so he was confused



We chose a book and read with a friend or a teacher.



We looked at the story “the day punctuation came to town”

Do you know puncuation?

  • monquie – wors and puncuation are friends
  • Viraj – comma
  • Connor – exclamation point
  • Nikolas – full stop
  • Alexandros – question marks

why use them?

  • Connor – uses a full stop at the end of a sentence
  • Mithra – when you don’t know something you can use a question mark to ask a question
  • Monique – using exclamation mark to make words exciting


We then explored punctuation in books. There were teams – full stops, exclamations, question marks and speech marks.

in our groups we made posters, explored through the use of magnets, play dough and found them in books with our teams focus of punctuation. we then shared as a class group.



random acts of kindness – how can you spread some good?

Chloe – be kind to some people

Sahib – be everyones friend

Dyani – if someone is hurt i might help them

Natalie – i help people feel happy

Viraj – being funny to someone

Thomas – playing and being kind



We begun the lesson by playing a game of shape musical statues! it was lots of fun to dance around and then find a shape when the music stopped!


Natalie – the sun picture was a circle

Mikayla – the table was a circle

Monique – The wheels were circles

Alexandros – the table was a square

Mitchell – the stool was a square

Nikolas – the window is a square

Angelo – pointed to a table as a rectangle

Alana – the door is a rectangle

Connor – the laptop is a rectangle



We again listened to the dream time story – Tiddalick the frog.

we then recreated the story as a class….







We hope all the mums have a lovely day on Sunday. Check your children’s bags as there are some special little gifts inside 🙂



Our Learning – Thursday 07/05/2020

Welcome to Thursday’s Learning! 

R/1KJ Single Lesson

This Morning for our single lesson we spent time looking at our Phonics sound for this week – Bb.

We talked about the letter, the formation of it and if we knew any words that started with the letter Bb.

Ball & Bumble Bee – Harper

Baby – Shylah

Bicycle – Monique

Basket – Thomas

Banana – Nahom

Bear – Eleazar

Berry – Dhyani

Balloon – Jason


Some children also had a go at writing their own sentences.


Please refer to the Spanish blog for today’s learning



Toady we look at a creation story.

We then reflected on the following question: 

How did God create the world?

Viraj – God created the world the moon first then the earth and then the sky. It took 50 days and 50 nights.

Shylah – By living in different countries.

Monique – He said the light could be bright, and he said let there be brightness.

Natalie – God created the world with his magic

Ziggy – With his power

Catharen – He said there would be lots of animals

Mithra – God created the world by putting lots of animals and lots of baby animals and humans in the world

Chloe – He created everything for us.

Dhyani – God created the stars.


Mini Maths

We continued to look at different shapes and tested our knowledge with this.



We had some time to do investigations this morning, as well as work on some more of our Mother’s Day gifts! Today was super exciting.. we got LAPTOPS!! We explored ways to use the laptop. Children were in engaged in photo booth, active inspire and maths games. It was great to see them working together to use the laptops.


Orange Picking

We were very lucky today! Mr. Snell invited us over to do some Orange picking! We were very grateful for this!




Sun Inquiry 

We are continuing our sun inquiry. We started by looking at the sun, talking about our shadows and we watched a story on our shadows. We then went outside and had some of our delicious oranges!!

We then also traced some shadows that we could see outside!




After this we discussed the things we noticed about our shadows.

Alana – Traced the shadow 

Monique – The shadows were easy to trace

Connor – The sun was making a shadow

Sahib – I noticed when you’re in the shade your shadow goes away

Nahom – You have to be quick to trace shadows

Mithra – We got to draw peoples shadows, but it only comes when the sun is out

Harper – The sun was reflecting a shadow, and when I stood on top of the shadow it changed and disappeared


Aboriginal Education

We looked briefly at the book Tiddalick The Frog and then shared our thoughts.

Monique – There was a snake. He was doing some tricks to get the water out.

Viraj – The frog drank all the water and the planet lost all it’s water. They had to make the frog laugh to get all the water back.


Specks of Gold

Thomas – Playing with Jason, Mitchell and Connor

Alana- My speck of gold is making jokes with my friends

Natalie – My speck of gold was playing on the oval

Dhyani – My speck of gold was playing with Chloe, Mia and Mikayla

Jason – Playing with Ziggy

Nahom – Playing with my friends

Sahib – Playing laptops with Viraj

Viraj – Playing laptops with Sahib

Mia – Playing with the laptops

Shylah – My speck of gold is playing with my friends