Games Day Tomorrow!

In the spirit of sharing and fair play, student’s are welcomed to bring a game to share and play tomorrow, 06/12/19. All non-electronic interactive multi-player games  are fine, for example; boardgames, cards, block games, bay blades, etc.

We will encourage a respectful use of these items, which will stay in the classroom and not go out to play at lunch and recess.


Buddies DIY iMovie

R1MC & R1EN started today off with a focus on procedure writing. Following on from last weeks ‘Friendship Recipes’, students paired up with their buddies to develop a ‘How to..’ iMovie. There were many wonderful ideas, including DIY for:

  • How to draw an emoji
  • How to make a paper aeroplane
  • How to tie your shoelaces
  • How to make a castle with blocks
  • How to draw minion

I would love to share some of the finished products, but they exceed the up load limit, unfortunately!

Growth Mindset: There is a difference between knowing and not knowing yet.

This morning we viewed the following video

What acts of kindness did you notice in the video?

“He watered the plant” – Jacob

“Helped the poor”- Ali

“He gave the money to the poor”- Arianna

“He got something heavy and the man was helping”- Ishpreet

Mr Coad drew a picture on the white board. The children shared their reflections.

“The person has a brain”- Sonny

“It’s helps you to speak”- Hendrix

As a class we spoke about two mindsets in the brain. A growth mindset and a fixed mindset. we also highlighted the importance of the word, yet.

Provocation: Bricks on the wall

Using a red piece of paper (to represent a brick) we created our own fixed mindset statements which we could turn around.  The green hand prints represent leaves and the power of “not yet”. The power of “yet” provides students with a path into their future and enables them feel that they are on a learning curve rather than a dead end.

Can Drive this Friday!

Please bring cans in by Friday for the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you too all of those families who have already made a very generous donation.

Happy Kindness Day!

Happy Kindness Day! This morning we read the story  ‘Kindness makes us strong’. We had a group discussion around the story and the meaning of kindness. We also shared our reflections around friendship.

What does kindness mean to you?

Sharing and letting people play with you- Dimi

Kindness is about being nice, kind and if people hurt you, you tell the teacher and they will help you – Ishpreet

Making me feel happy- Sam

Sharing – Long

Making you happy – Derek

Playing with my friends- Kalil

Taking turns with other people- Jordan

Sharing people with books – Jed

Kindness is the colour green – Jacob

I like the colour blue because it’s like the blue sky- Sonny

Kindness is when you play fun jokes- Nickolas

Being friendly to others- Vidal

Sharing with toys- Hendrix

Playing with my friends- Sahib

Kindness is playing with your friends- Kuch

Playing with Isabella- Mikayla

Playing with Mikayla- Isabella

When you respect your friend, they will respect you – Cooper

Being kind to people and playing with them- Leo

I like playing with my friends- Ethan

Playing with my brother- Ali

Playing with friends- Ajang

Sharing- James

Black- Alannah

Being nice to others- Annabella

I like the colour orange because it’s like the sunset-Zarah T

Pink- Ariana

Purple- Awan

Yellow- Sara

Dark blue- Emily

Ishpreet shared- Angie

Sharing with other people- Yasha

Playing with my friends and making me laugh- Zahra. R

Making Zahra.R my friend- Ravleen

Being nice- Oliver

Purple- Owen

Sam- Scarlett

Busy Bees

We have been so busy with our learning these last couple of days. Since Friday, we have noticed different changes in our mysterious seed that has been growing. This seed inquiry is based around the book Grace’s Mystery Seed that we read in the library two weeks ago. Many students made different predictions about what they thought would grow.

Since then, many of the students have changed their predictions based on what the leaves look and smell like. Here are some of our new predictions based on our observations:

A carrot. Because there’s three leaves- Vidal

A chili tree. Because it might smell like a chili tree- Sonny

I think it will be a pumpkin – Jacob

Pumpkin. Because it looks like a pumpkin seed and I opened a pumpkin on Halloween and it looks like it – Dimi

I think it might be a pumpkin because at the bottom of the pumpkin it has those three leaves- Zahra. T

I think it’s a beanstalk because beanstalks are green and have three leaves- Leo

Onion because onions have leaves- Sam


We have been observing this pot very closely do investigate what plant will grow. Some students drew beautiful illustrations of their predictions.


We have all been teaching and learning new skills around using the laptops. We have looked at creating iMovies and creating our own music using ‘Garage Band’. Take a look at some of our “work in progress”.


Happy Diwali- by Viraj and Cooper


Jacob Ffrench created this song using ‘Garage Band’.

Sports Day

Check out the photos from our sports day:

Rangoli Patterns

Today we talked about Diwali.We talked about what Diwali is and it is celebrated. Ravleen, Viraj and Sahib were very keen to help teach our class about Diwali and share their own experiences around the celebrations.

We then had the opportunity to create our own Rangoli Patterns. Take a look at our creativity:

Catholic Identity

Today we had a look at these three images. We had a class discussion about who this person is. Here is our group discussion:


Who is the person in these pictures?

We then had a group discussion about who the child is, in this photo: