Mission Day Preparation

Today R1EN and R1MC spent some time making smiley face biscuits for mission day tomorrow.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a casual day for a gold coin donation.

Students can also bring money ranging from 50c to $5 to spend on activities and stools around the school tomorrow.


Spatial Thinking and Maps Skills

Today students engaged in spatial thinking and directional language  which allowed students to comprehend and analyze phenomena within Australia. We shared the story of A Bag and A Bird which is set in Sydney. Today students investigated where Adelaide is in relation to Sydney. We also shared, discussed and researched different icons in South Australia. We used our 100 languages to create our own maps of Australia. Students also used the laptops to create imovies show casing different icons.

What do you know about Australia?

Kapunda. That’s where my Nana and Pa live – Emily

I went to see my Aunties and Uncles in Sydney- Sonny

I remember when I lived in Queensland –Zahra

I had a holiday at Queensland – Hendrix

I went to Sydney to see Daniel and Georgia – Alannah

I went to Melbourne – Ravleen

I’ve been to Queensland – Isabella

I’ve been to Melbourne with my cousin –Ethan

Once I’ve been to Queensland. It was very hot – Sonny

I’ve been to Queensland – Cooper

I saw a hotel and we went to it- Sonny

It’s Fair to Share!

Students displayed great teamwork, while generating a way to act out a play, which communicated the message that ‘it’s fair to share.’ Many enjoyed the process in conveying their message and showed great initiative, while acting it out. Some previous activities, involving feelings and friendly greetings were also on show!

Students discussed: compromise, taking it in turns; telling someone they can have a turn once they are finished, using something together, using our manners to be respectful, looking for alternative options when someone else has something we want, etc.

Time Investigations

We began our numeracy investigations with a brief discussion, which revolved around ‘time’;

Cooper – ‘You can make clocks.’

Zahra – ‘You look at time on watches.’

Sahib – ‘You check the time on the phone.’

Vidal – ‘ You can have a timer when you want to go somewhere.’

Additionally, students were about to identify a number of different units of measurement for time; seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, season, and years.

Some of the investigations included:

  • Making analogue clocks – identifying features (number, minute/second hands, etc)
  • Seasons posters – magazine pictures, words & illustrations of each season (environment, weather, clothes, etc)
  • Stop watches – timing bots & recording results
  • Calendar events
  • Roll Challenge – subitizing the number of 6’s or 5’s (etc) each person can roll in a minute (tallying results)
  • Make a diary – days of the week (events/routines, etc)
  • Things you can do in 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, etc.

Cooking with Xhana (Leo’s Mum)

During investigations today, R1EN and R1MC got to spend time cooking with Xhana. The students got to make some delicious spinach and cheese pitta bread. The students loved picking some fresh spinach from the veggie patch!

We love having parents and caregivers come in to work with our class! We love family involvement, so please speak to either myself or Ashlee if you are interested in doing something fun and exciting with R1EN and R1MC.

Dancing and singing afternoon

As part of our inquiry around butterflies, Miss Jade came in and worked with R1MC and R1EN around dance and body movement. Students had the opportunity to explore and demonstrate the life cycle of a butterfly through movement of their bodies. We discussed the way different animals move and how their bodies move.

To wrap-up a great day, Mr McCarthy came in to help us practice our song about our gumboots. The students absolutely love singing this song!

Our Precious Environment- Investigations

The most effective way kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things. Today we continued our play based investigations around our inquiry theme- Our Precious Environment. We also engaged in maths mini and enjoyed our dance session with Miss Jade.

Have a look at our learning


Numeracy Investigations


R1EN and R1MC were very engaged with ‘come read with me’ this morning. Once again, it was great to see parents and caregivers coming in to read with the students this morning.

Today we spent some time working on our numeracy. Before we started investigations, we sat down as a group and practiced counting up to 20, counting down from 20 and skip counting up to 10.

Students were then given the opportunity to engage in different numeracy provocations. Some students engaged in the game ‘connect four’, practising using number lines, playing bingo, snakes and ladders, practising writing numbers on the whiteboards, using ten frames with the loose parts and play a game called ‘block out’.

Throughout these investigations, many students displayed the love of learning character strength as they continued to challenge their addition, counting and numerical understanding. Many students demonstrated leadership and teamwork character strengths when doing their numeracy investigations in groups.



To finish up our investigations, the class came back together to practice our rainbow facts (number bonds- see image below).


R1EN and R1MC practiced their number bonds and showed their understanding of number bonds in their learning journals. Some students used a rainbow to show their understanding of number bonds to 10 and other students created basic numerical equations.


Specs of gold

My speck of gold was going to the library – Emily

My speck of gold was playing with the trucks with Chase, Cooper, Sahib and Nickolas – Viraj

My speck of gold was playing with Viraj with the trucks- Sahib

My space of gold was playing with Emily in the playground- Kuch

My speck of gold was playing with my friends. Playing zombies- Ravleen

My speck of gold was playing with Isabella- Ariana

My speck of gold was playing with Sonny and Dimi- Sierra

My speck of gold was when I was playing at the playground with Angie and Ishpreet- Nickolas

My speck of gold was playing with the snails – Ethan

My speck of gold was playing with the trucks with Jacob- Cooper

My speck of gold was playing with Annabella and Alannah. We were trying to find treasure- Dimi

My speck fo gold was playing with Cooper with the trucks and we were playing chase with Chase and Vidal – Jacob

My speck of gold was playing soccer with Jordan – James

My speck of gold was at recess playing with my brother – Zahra

My speck of gold was playing with Ariana – Isabella

sing-a-long with Mr McCarthy

We have been learning a new song with Mr McCarthy!

A Bag and a Bird- Investigative Play

As part of our inquiry we revisited the  story ‘A Bag and A Bird’. We reflected and posed the question, ‘why is the environment important?’.

The students responded.

“Because it is our world and we need to look after what the Kuarna people looked after for us”- Zahra

“Cause its the water, home and dirt ” – Viraj

“Environment is important because it has people and animals” – Jacob

“We also have to keep it clean and stop the lot of rubbish cause thats how we waste”- Yasha

“Everything is the environment” – Ravleen


How can we look after environment?

“Pick up rubbish” – Emily

“We got to look for the Ibis bird and no rubbish”- Jed

“Don’t throw food scraps on the ground” – Zahra

“Food in the compost bin”- Hendrix

“Water the plants. Do lots of planting” – Ravleen

“Plants give us air to breath” – James

“Picking up the food scraps” – Viraj

We explored the following provocations: