The Worm Farm Project

Our classroom is always changing to meet the needs, interests, and work of the children. Our latest addition- after observing our children’s interest and curiosity in digging for worms, creating animal habitats, and their efforts to ensure our environment is being looked after- is a worm farm and compost bin! The compost bin and worm farm will allow for further investigation into worms, habitats and sustainability.

On Tuesday the children searched for worms in our reception yard. On Thursday the children searched for worms on the oval.

We read the story ‘Our Wriggly Worm Farm’ and the children reflected.

“A worm is a creature that likes to get into compost and scraps”- Zahra

“It eats paper and banana and apple and paper and pants” – Viraj

“They also go underground” – Yasha

“Worm is a kind of animal and its small”- Dimi

“They’re silver”- Ethan

“They’re wriggly”- Yasha

“They eat salads” – Chase

“They’re pink” – Hendrix

“A worm farm is when they’re lots of worms in a big shape thing”- Zahra

“It’s a farm that has worms”- Poppie

“A worm farm has apples and they can go through it” – Yasha

“In a worm farm can stay alive and have water and have everything they have to have” – Dimi

Mr McCarthy had heard about our interest in creating a worm farm and offered to help! Today he delivered 500 tiger worms to our class and helped us set up our very own worm farm. The children were all involved in the process and especially enjoyed holding the worms.

To extend our learning and interest we explored the following provocations:

children reflections:

“Worms dig in soil” – Viraj

“Worm eat apples, cucumber, and banana peels”- Dimi

“Worms have little hairs. The hair helps the worm to move”- Sonny

“Worms help the plants to grow”- Yasha

“Worms eat plants”- Dimi

“Worms looks for homes in the rain” – Nicholas

“Worms are not insects” – Ravleen

“I used creativity to make a book”- Emily

“I was writing the worms in the book. I used a growth mindset”- Ethan

“I was looking at pictures of worms. So in the first bit I saw like a worm doing the letters like s” – Nicholas

“I was making a worm with Mr koala (creativity)” – Vidal

“I was making a worm with bravery” – Kuch

“With Annabella I used creativity to make a worm farm outside. We got some blocks, wet soil and plants”- Zahra

“I used creativity to make pink worm”- Yasha

“I used my creativity to do what worms can eat and cant eat”- Dimi

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  1. This is fantastic! We’ve also just started collecting our food waste at home to keep it out of landfill. What a wonderful opportunity for the kids to explore this side of sustainability and waste management 🙂

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