Catholic Identity Day

Today is Catholic Identity Day, so we started off our day with a blessing from Father Shibu in the Hall. Today our provocations were all based around Catholic Identity Day. Before we engaged in our different provocations, the students re-enacted ‘The Last Supper’, using bread and red cordial. We discussed the meaning behind ‘The Last Supper’ and listened to the story in the bible.

After re-enacting ‘The Last Supper’ we engaged in a variety of provocations based around Catholic Identity Day. It was great to see our students using 100 languages.

Prayers to God:

I am thankful for St Vincent De Paul for looking after the people – Zahra

Thank you God for Ariana – Isabella

Thank you God for my mum- Ishpreet

Thank you for Jesus and my family  and we love Jesus – Leo

I’m thanknful for our lovely teachers – Sierra

Jesus is loving and caring – Nick

Thank you God for the whole entire world- James

Thank you for my family and joining in dancing with my friends Isabella and Mikayla – Ariana

I am thankful for Izzy – Cooper

Thank you God for the wine and the bread- Vidal

Thank you God for Hendrix – Kalil

For thank you God for Kalil- Hendrix

Thank you god for my house and my whole family- Kiet

I’m thankful for Awan and Kuch- Emily

Thank you God for the world – Awan

I am thankful for my Mum and Dad and my baby brother too – Kuch


Literacy Investigations

Today we engaged in a variety of literacy provocations based around the sounds and words have been learning. This week, we have been focusing on the sound ‘ie’ which is found in words such as ‘pie’ and ‘tie’. Today our class had the opportunity to make their own pies out of playdough, paint some ties, engage in writers workshop, engage in oral literacy through role play, read books, search for the words ‘they’ and ‘I’ in their books and practice their writing using the whiteboards.




Money Money Money!

Today during numeracy investigations, we learned about money. Our class had the opportunity to role play, using fake money and engage in different money and time provocations. Some students really enjoyed using the laptops to look up food on the Coles and Woolworths website. Other students loved comparing prices of food on the laptops and identifying which items were cheaper. Other students enjoyed learning about and consolidating their understanding of time in their learning journals.



Global Sustainable Development Goals Day

Today we celebrated Global Sustainable Development Goals Day. We came together with our ELC friends and our buddies in 5/6 HS and 5/6BM. Together participated with a wholesome luncheon where we highlighted goals 2 and 10. Thank you to Susan, Sue and Xhana for preparing the lovely food we all shared.



  • ‘Sustainable Development Goal Day’ lunch form
  • $5 (to pay for the lunch)
  • A plate that can be washed and reused 

Today we spent some time engaging in different literacy investigations. Whilst this was happening, Leo’s Mum came in to help us make some mousse for tomorrow. Tomorrow is ‘Sustainable Development Goal Day’ which has given us the opportunity to explore our school pillar of Ecological Conversion.

Tomorrow R1EN and R1MC are having lunch in the hall. To eliminate waste such as wrapping (cling wrap and paper bags), students are asked to bring a plate from home and have a ‘cafeteria style’ lunch where we will be eating meatballs or falafels with salad, a bread roll and a mousse for dessert. After the students finished their lunch they will have an opportunity to wash their plates so that they can be reused.

Inquiry-based Investigations

Today R1EN and R1MC engaged in different inquiry-based provocations that were based around the interests of the students. Many students decided to make different animals and objects using the clay. Leo decided to create an obstacle course in the yard and encouraged many different students to join in. Other students were engaged in the observation station and were observing the celery in the coloured water. Some students drew and made predictions about what was going to happen to the celery. Throughout investigations many students demonstrated teamwork when creating the obstacle course, other students demonstrated curiosity when sitting at the observation station and other students demonstrated creativity when using the Lego, clay, blocks and kinetic sand.


assembly snaps

Assembly and Investigations

Today we presented our assembly around ‘our precious environment’. Thank you to all of our family and friends that came to watch our assembly. We understand how difficult it can be to get time off of work and the children absolutely loved being able to show their learning to you all.

To finish off our wonderful morning, we went Grevillia Park to go out and explore nature. Many of our students enjoyed climbing trees, playing on the playground and exploring the bugs, insects and sticks around the park.


Today we were lucky enough to have Miss Jade work with us. She set up many different provocations around insects and bugs. The students were given an opportunity to practice their fine motor skills using tongs, draw different bugs at an observation station, use different types of boxes and recyclables to create habitats or animals, paint pictures of butterflies, play tic-tac-toe with a partner, use scarves and blankets to help create the movements of a butterfly and use the play dough to create different animals, bugs and insects. Many of our students showed exceptional creativity and teamwork!


Investigative Play

Play is a way for the children to familiarize themselves with the world while exploring and testing their own limits. At the same time, they are engaged in an activity that provides them enjoyment or amusement. Play helps them learn about things such as the millipedes they find, how to avoid arguments with others, their favorite character during role play. Promoting play helps children learn about their skills and abilities, while interacting with others and their surroundings.

Play-based Investigations

This morning we started off with play-based investigations and welcomed some new receptions into our class. These new receptions will be joining us next term and joining our beautiful community. It was great to see how welcoming and friendly our students were being towards each other and towards our new students. Many of our students demonstrated leadership, kindness, creativity, bravery, teamwork and love of learning.


*** REMINDER: R1EN and R1MC are holding the assembly this Friday on June 14th. Parents, caregivers and families are invited to come and watch our assembly at 9am in the hall. ***


Below is one of our songs for the assembly. Students are more than welcome to practise their singing and dancing for this song at home.