Monday 2/9/19

Today during Investigative Play, we explored the following investigations:

Have a look at our learning.

After recess, R/1MC and R/1EN engaged in Numeracy Investigations.

Student Reflections

In numeracy I liked tracing my hand to see how long it was. I used the cubes to measure it. It was 7- Annabella

In numeracy I liked playing on the laptop with Chase. We had to play dirt bikes and if you got your timetables right you would win- Cooper

In numeracy I was making a imovie- Chase

In numeracy I was playing games with Jordan with the laptop. It was the pizza game you had to make pizza- Sahib

In numeracy I was painting numbers- Arianna

In numeracy I cut out the numbers of all my friends- Sonny

In numeracy I was rolling the dice and writing it- Zahra

In numeracy I did painted my numbers- Sam

In numeracy I measured my foot – Jordan

In numeracy investigations I was playing with the play dough. I was doing numbers and I used leadership – Dimi

I measured the pot plant- Kalil

In numeracy I was on the laptop and playing a game – Vidal

In numeracy I did measuring my hand- Alannah

After lunch, R/1MC went to PE with Mr Pearce and R/1EN had circle time. We then came back together for Come Read with Me.


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