Tuesday 3/9/2019

We started off our wonderful morning with play. Many students painted, played with the moon sand, used the hot glue guns, played in the home corner, made bey blades, played with the kinetic sand and played outside. It was great to see the positive interactions students were having with one another, with many of them sharing and taking turns.

Have a look at our learning:

After lunch we engaged in a range of literacy provocations. Here are a few:

Some students decided to use the laptops to create their own iMovie’s and other students engaged in a literacy game with Miss Matthews. Take a look at some more of our learning:

R1EN and R1MC have now moved ‘come read with me’ to the afternoons. Parents, caregivers and family members are welcome to join us in ‘come read with me’ every afternoon from 2:45pm until the end of the day.


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