Thursday 5/9/19

We started our day with R/1EN having music while R/1MC engaged in some play investigation activities. A range of activities were set based on student interests with sensory activities such as clay and water beads, laptops and outdoor play.

After play investigations both classes had two visitors come in for cricket clinic which allowed students to learn and develop their cricket skills. It was a great opportunity for students to come out and get some fresh air and learn a new sport. Students were all engaged and seemed to enjoy themselves

After recess R/1EN went to sports while R/1 continued with their play investigations for a lesson. When R/1 EN came back from sports R/1 MC then left and spent a lesson making honey joys linking in with the numeracy topic capacity. Students were eager to participate with the incentive to eat their treats. Engaging in the discussion and using the language.

After lunch we then sat the students down to discuss the Moon lantern festival and discuss the festival and how it is celebrated by some of our students. They were then given time to experiment and use their creativity to make their own lanterns in celebration of the celebration. It was great to see them all engaged and show their individuality through the lanterns.



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