Terrific Tuesday!!!!

This morning we started our day with  Investigative Play, allowing students to choose their own adventure. The engagement level of the students was amazing as they showcased teamwork, persistence, resilience as well as including an abundance of fun to their learning.

This morning students also enjoyed fitness! During morning fitness we focus on team building games increasing in collaboration, communication, positive reinforcement, creativity. Today we played fruit salad and had so much fun playing a few games of cat and mouse!

After recess R/1MC went to library and R/1EN reflected on words that begin with the ‘th’ sound. While R/1EN were at Spanish, R/1MC engaged in Literacy Investigations with a emphasis on the ‘th’ sound. These investigations included, drawing, searching, writing, making, colouring, building, designing and constructing, and lots and lots of oral language.

R/1MC also began their information texts on turtles. They created their title pages!

After lunch, we enjoyed our introduction to fractions (whole and half). We viewed the story ‘Give Me Half!’

Student Reflections:

Nicholas- Half is like sharing.

Alannah- Half is a line.

Sonny- It has to be even.

Jacob- So like the same size is even.

We then engaged in a hands on learning experience consolidate our learning. We used bread and butter to only butter half our piece of bread. We then cut our bread so that we made half!

Share your Speck of Gold…

Jacob – My speck of gold was cutting the bread and seeing if it was half or not.

Jed – My speck of gold was playing on the computer during literacy writing th words and investigations.

Kalil – My speck of gold was playing races in investigations.

Kiet – My speck of gold was doing the turtle book.

Annabella – My speck of gold was cutting the bread in half.

Derek – My speck of gold was the bay blade with the lego.

Dimi – My speck of gold was practicing my dance with Zahara and Sonny and we used 100 languages.

Emily – My speck of gold was playing in the backyard playing Kings and Queens.

Jordan – My speck of gold was playing racing with Kalil, Jacob and Jed.

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