Tuesday: welcome back Mr Coad!!

This morning the children were very engaged in their play-based learning. Today we reflected on our learning power, Miss Echidna (Belonging). During Investigations we focused on using our Creativity, Curiosity and Belonging learning powers while exploring our provocations.

During fitness we enjoyed playing the game traffic lights. We also had a came of cat and mouse and our cool down involved a series of stretches to bring our heart rate down.

After recess there was a whole school lock down practice. Sonny kindly reminded the children to display their bravery (character strength). R/1MC then went to library and R/1EN listed words that begin with the ‘qu’ sound. R/1EN then went to Spanish and R/1MC engaged in literacy investigations and worked diligently on their information texts.


“In literacy I liked my turtle book because it looks little and little stuff is kind of cute. On my title page I put my name” – Zahra R

“I made a turtle book and it was so cute”- Derek

“In literacy I liked my turtle book. I liked doing the front cover” – Sam

“In literacy I liked playing with he play dough to make a crown for the queen”- Alannah

“In literacy I liked my turtle book. I used love and creativity”- Scarlett

“In literacy I liked my turtle book because I used a growth mindset. It kind of looks good”- Jed

“In literacy I made a turtle book. I said turtles walk slow and they have a long neck”- Ethan

“In literacy I liked making my front cover for my book”- Hendrix

“In literacy  I liked drawing  the turtle for my book”- Ravleen

“In literacy I liked writing and drawing the turtle facts. I used creativity and I used curiosity”

After lunch R/1MC and R/1EN engaged in a moment of mindfulness. We then participated in some practical work with fractions using salada biscuits.  Students explored the provocation, ‘how many halves (1/2) make a whole?’. Students also divided the salada into parts of a whole.

To end the day, R/1MC went to Spanish and R/1EN enjoyed SEL time with Miss Matthews.

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