Lollies & Chocolates Donation for Casual Day tomorrow

Reminder: Tomorrow is a causal day and in return, we ask that you donate  a packet of unopened lollies or chocolates. All lollies and chocolates will go towards the lolly stall for spring fair.

Happy Thursday to all of our families and friends! To start off our morning, R1EN went to music whilst R1MC engaged in  writers workshop with Mr Coad. When R1EN came back, we went outside for some fitness where we played ‘red rover’ as a whole class. After recess R1EN went to sport and R1MC spent more time engaging in different reading and writing provocations.

Once R1EN came back to class, we engaged in a range of literacy provocations and inquiry-based provocations.  Different provocations set out included using story stones and the whiteboards, drawing a queen on the laptops, engaging in socio-dramatic play that encouraged verbal communication, continuing writers workshop and using paper to create different illustrations. Some students spent time working collaboratively to order number cards and others spent time engaging in the game ‘uno’ with their peers. Take a look at some of our learning:

Here is some of our learning  that we did on the laptops:

After lunch, we spent some time talking about what ‘being friendly’ means. We discussed and listed different ways we can be friendly towards each other and spent some time reflecting on this in our learning journals.


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