Wednesday 25/9/15


We started off our wonderful morning with different literacy and inquiry-based provocations. Students used collaboration, kindness, zest, creativity, curiosity and love of learning character strengths.

Fitness- Stamina Running

In running stamina running I did 3 laps. it was easy because i’m really fast. when i was tried and walked and kept running but near the brown dirt i knew to keep running- Jordan

In stamina running I did 3 laps and used a growth mindset- Jacob

In stamina running I did 2 laps and I heard so I was running then I stopped and when I said “when i get to the goal i’ll keep running” – Dimi

In stamina running i did 3 laps and I walked around the oval . I liked seeing stuff and saying hi to people- Zahra T

In stamina running I did a 2 laps- Viraj

In stamina running I did 3 laps it was easy- Kalil

In stamina running I got 3 laps and it was a bit hard, when i got up to log park I walked a bit then I started to run- Jed

Prayer: Before recess we shared the Our Father.

After recess, we listened to ‘The Good Samaritan’.

As a class we reflected on the story.

What happened during the story?

The man was being kind – Sonny

I saw people helping Jesus with blessing peoples childs – Dimi

He prayed to the people and helped the people – Viraj

Who is your neighbour?

Debbie- Dimi

My cousin- James

Kaine and Dane- Vidal

How did Jesus treat his neighbours?
By keeping them happy -Sam

Being kind – Ajang

He blessed them – Sonny

What character strengths did Jesus show?

Kindness- Dimi

Leadership – Zahra. R

Zest – Sahib

Love- Jacob

Bravery – Zahra. T

Belonging- Ravleen

How are you a good neighbour?

Being kind to people and letting them join games- Dimi

Playing games with people – Sam

Making people happy – Sonny

I’m a good neighbour for sharing laptops – Sahib

Treat them how you want to be treated – Sierra

By showing love – Zahra. T

Owen got me a wet cloth when my eye was hurting – Oliver


We explored the provocation, ‘how are you a good neighbour?’

This afternoon, R1MC went to music while R1EN engaged in some team building games and spent some time working together to create a story. After lunch R1MC went to music while R1EN engaged in play. Once R1MC came back we all went outside to practice our gross and fine motor skills around throwing, catching and bouncing. To finish off a wonderful day, we came together for come read with me.


** Reminder: Friday 27th September is Pyjama Day for a gold coin donation**

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