Thursday 26/9/19

Wow! what a busy day of learning. Here is a snap shot of our day.

While R/1EN went to music, R/1MC participated in a treasure hunt with Mr Coad. We came back together and enjoyed a game of fruit salad and cat & mouse for morning fitness. After fitness, we entered the classroom for our daily agenda and prayer before going outside for recess.

Literacy Investigations

We consolidated all our learning around the ‘ou’ and ‘ow’ sound. We explored the following provocations:

Science- Solid, Liquid, Gas

After lunch we learnt about 3 states of matter and conducted the candle experiment.

What is a solid?

Something that is hard- Cooper

What is liquid?

Water- Sonny

What happens if you look in the sky and you see a cloud?

Gas- Annabella

What happens if you freeze water?

It turns into ice- Jacob

We conduced the candle experiment to investigate and transition from one state to another (e.g., from a solid to a liquid) under high temperatures. We then collaborated in research groups to record different states of matter.

Specks of Gold

My speck of gold was Grevillia park – Kalil

My speck of gold was doing sport- Jacob

My speck of gold was relaxation- Jed

My speck of gold was learning about the science experiment. I learnt liquid is something that you can drink- Dimi

My speck of gold was making the hopping mice book- Annabella

My speck of gold was playing at Grevillia park with Zahra T and AngieĀ  – Sonny

My speck of gold was climbing up the trees in Grevillia- Sam

My speck of gold was learning my letters on laptop- Viraj

My speck of gold was Grevillia and science- Jed


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