Busy Bees

We have been so busy with our learning these last couple of days. Since Friday, we have noticed different changes in our mysterious seed that has been growing. This seed inquiry is based around the book Grace’s Mystery Seed that we read in the library two weeks ago. Many students made different predictions about what they thought would grow.

Since then, many of the students have changed their predictions based on what the leaves look and smell like. Here are some of our new predictions based on our observations:

A carrot. Because there’s three leaves- Vidal

A chili tree. Because it might smell like a chili tree- Sonny

I think it will be a pumpkin – Jacob

Pumpkin. Because it looks like a pumpkin seed and I opened a pumpkin on Halloween and it looks like it – Dimi

I think it might be a pumpkin because at the bottom of the pumpkin it has those three leaves- Zahra. T

I think it’s a beanstalk because beanstalks are green and have three leaves- Leo

Onion because onions have leaves- Sam


We have been observing this pot very closely do investigate what plant will grow. Some students drew beautiful illustrations of their predictions.


We have all been teaching and learning new skills around using the laptops. We have looked at creating iMovies and creating our own music using ‘Garage Band’. Take a look at some of our “work in progress”.


Happy Diwali- by Viraj and Cooper


Jacob Ffrench created this song using ‘Garage Band’.

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