Happy Kindness Day!

Happy Kindness Day! This morning we read the story¬† ‘Kindness makes us strong’. We had a group discussion around the story and the meaning of kindness. We also shared our reflections around friendship.

What does kindness mean to you?

Sharing and letting people play with you- Dimi

Kindness is about being nice, kind and if people hurt you, you tell the teacher and they will help you – Ishpreet

Making me feel happy- Sam

Sharing – Long

Making you happy – Derek

Playing with my friends- Kalil

Taking turns with other people- Jordan

Sharing people with books – Jed

Kindness is the colour green – Jacob

I like the colour blue because it’s like the blue sky- Sonny

Kindness is when you play fun jokes- Nickolas

Being friendly to others- Vidal

Sharing with toys- Hendrix

Playing with my friends- Sahib

Kindness is playing with your friends- Kuch

Playing with Isabella- Mikayla

Playing with Mikayla- Isabella

When you respect your friend, they will respect you – Cooper

Being kind to people and playing with them- Leo

I like playing with my friends- Ethan

Playing with my brother- Ali

Playing with friends- Ajang

Sharing- James

Black- Alannah

Being nice to others- Annabella

I like the colour orange because it’s like the sunset-Zarah T

Pink- Ariana

Purple- Awan

Yellow- Sara

Dark blue- Emily

Ishpreet shared- Angie

Sharing with other people- Yasha

Playing with my friends and making me laugh- Zahra. R

Making Zahra.R my friend- Ravleen

Being nice- Oliver

Purple- Owen

Sam- Scarlett

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