Growth Mindset: There is a difference between knowing and not knowing yet.

This morning we viewed the following video

What acts of kindness did you notice in the video?

“He watered the plant” – Jacob

“Helped the poor”- Ali

“He gave the money to the poor”- Arianna

“He got something heavy and the man was helping”- Ishpreet

Mr Coad drew a picture on the white board. The children shared their reflections.

“The person has a brain”- Sonny

“It’s helps you to speak”- Hendrix

As a class we spoke about two mindsets in the brain. A growth mindset and a fixed mindset. we also highlighted the importance of the word, yet.

Provocation: Bricks on the wall

Using a red piece of paper (to represent a brick) we created our own fixed mindset statements which we could turn around.  The green hand prints represent leaves and the power of “not yet”. The power of “yet” provides students with a path into their future and enables them feel that they are on a learning curve rather than a dead end.

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