Can Drive this Friday!

Please bring cans in by Friday for the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you too all of those families who have already made a very generous donation.

Busy Bees

We have been so busy with our learning these last couple of days. Since Friday, we have noticed different changes in our mysterious seed that has been growing. This seed inquiry is based around the book Grace’s Mystery Seed that we read in the library two weeks ago. Many students made different predictions about what they thought would grow.

Since then, many of the students have changed their predictions based on what the leaves look and smell like. Here are some of our new predictions based on our observations:

A carrot. Because there’s three leaves- Vidal

A chili tree. Because it might smell like a chili tree- Sonny

I think it will be a pumpkin – Jacob

Pumpkin. Because it looks like a pumpkin seed and I opened a pumpkin on Halloween and it looks like it – Dimi

I think it might be a pumpkin because at the bottom of the pumpkin it has those three leaves- Zahra. T

I think it’s a beanstalk because beanstalks are green and have three leaves- Leo

Onion because onions have leaves- Sam


We have been observing this pot very closely do investigate what plant will grow. Some students drew beautiful illustrations of their predictions.


We have all been teaching and learning new skills around using the laptops. We have looked at creating iMovies and creating our own music using ‘Garage Band’. Take a look at some of our “work in progress”.


Happy Diwali- by Viraj and Cooper


Jacob Ffrench created this song using ‘Garage Band’.

Sports Day

Check out the photos from our sports day:

Rangoli Patterns

Today we talked about Diwali.We talked about what Diwali is and it is celebrated. Ravleen, Viraj and Sahib were very keen to help teach our class about Diwali and share their own experiences around the celebrations.

We then had the opportunity to create our own Rangoli Patterns. Take a look at our creativity:

Catholic Identity

Today we had a look at these three images. We had a class discussion about who this person is. Here is our group discussion:


Who is the person in these pictures?

We then had a group discussion about who the child is, in this photo:

R1EN & R1MC’s Mystery Seed


Yesterday, we read Grace’s Mystery Seed during our library visit. The story was about a girl called Grace who found a seed. She planted the seed to see what would grow.

Miss Matthews brought in a mystery seed for the class and we spent some time predicting what will grow, just like they did in the book. We touched, smelt, looked at and listened to the seed and made some predictions.

I think it will grow a strawberry – Sara

Watermelon – Jed

Smells like a flower. I think a rose. A red one – Vidal

Avocado seed – Cooper

Something flat because it feels really flat – James

A rose because it smells like a rose- Emily

Lemon – Kuch

Apple because it smells like apple – Awan

It smells like a pear- Ajang

It smells a little like chocolate- Yasha

It’s definitely a pumpkin. It smells like a pumpkin – Dimi


We then collected our data and used a graph to represent our predictions.


We decided to plant our seed to see what will grow. We discussed what a seed needs, to grow:

We need soil. Soil is like dirt – Ajang

We need sun- James

Water – Kalil



Birds Eye View

Today we looked at Holy Family from a birds-eye view and used directional language to describe where different buildings and places are, in the school.

Take a look at our class reflections:



Today we engaged in a range of inquiry-based provocations and had the opportunity to work in different ‘neighbour’ groups.

Check out the Village Blog to see some of our learning:



Dear God, thank you for my friends – Emily

Dear God, thank you for Miss McCarthy and Miss Stam and all of the teachers in the school – Dimi

Dear God, thank you for Jordan and Jed and Oliver – Kalil

Thank you God for the other people – Vidal

Thank you God for Cooper, Chase, Vidal, all the teachers in the world and our school -Viraj

Thank you God for our ocean, our animals and our trees- Sierra

Dear God, thank you for my friends and my family – Alannah

Thank you God for the creation – Ishpreet


Who is Mary?

Jesus’ Mum- James

Mary thanks everybody- Leo

Mary MacKillop – Dimi

Mary loves everyone – Alannah

God’s family – Ethan

Merry Chirstmas- Viraj

Mary has a son – Sam

Mary had a little lamb- Nick