Games Day Tomorrow!

In the spirit of sharing and fair play, student’s are welcomed to bring a game to share and play tomorrow, 06/12/19. All non-electronic interactive multi-player games  are fine, for example; boardgames, cards, block games, bay blades, etc.

We will encourage a respectful use of these items, which will stay in the classroom and not go out to play at lunch and recess.


Buddies DIY iMovie

R1MC & R1EN started today off with a focus on procedure writing. Following on from last weeks ‘Friendship Recipes’, students paired up with their buddies to develop a ‘How to..’ iMovie. There were many wonderful ideas, including DIY for:

  • How to draw an emoji
  • How to make a paper aeroplane
  • How to tie your shoelaces
  • How to make a castle with blocks
  • How to draw minion

I would love to share some of the finished products, but they exceed the up load limit, unfortunately!

Friday = Funday

*REMINDER: This coming Monday (29th August) is school photo day. Please ensure your child comes to school on Monday wearing their winter school uniform. *

**Donations Please: We are running low on building resources, so if you would like to donate any small cardboard boxes or similar materials, the students and teachers would really appreciate the opportunity to use them creatively. 

Sure it may be a funday… But here in HFCS fun and learning go hand in hand! Today started off with an amazing assembly presented by 5/6ND & R/1MP, which had a ‘toy shop’ theme. One provocation in particular, which resonated with our class, was ‘What toy would you be?’ 

Here are just some of the learning provocations, catered for the students 100 languages to flourish:

Plus some action shots of students explorations:



1st Day of the Month!

The 1st day of the Month of August brought with it, many new learning opportunities and experiences! Some of which, were captured by a film and photography crew from Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

R1MC started the morning with a welcome circle, whereby students were encouraged to practice a friendly greeting with each other, followed by an introduction and mentioning something about themselves.

With AITSL in tow, our local Aquaponics expert, Simon, lead our learning in the fish farm area, where holding the baby yabbies and feeding barramundi was a big hit! We also had an opportunity to be creative and use our teamwork in the log park.

We also discussed the ‘ee’ digraph today. Many of our classroom provocations were based on this sound, as well as ongoing previous numeracy and literacy provocations.

There was an amazing sense of playful exploration today!




It’s Fair to Share!

Students displayed great teamwork, while generating a way to act out a play, which communicated the message that ‘it’s fair to share.’ Many enjoyed the process in conveying their message and showed great initiative, while acting it out. Some previous activities, involving feelings and friendly greetings were also on show!

Students discussed: compromise, taking it in turns; telling someone they can have a turn once they are finished, using something together, using our manners to be respectful, looking for alternative options when someone else has something we want, etc.

Time Investigations

We began our numeracy investigations with a brief discussion, which revolved around ‘time’;

Cooper – ‘You can make clocks.’

Zahra – ‘You look at time on watches.’

Sahib – ‘You check the time on the phone.’

Vidal – ‘ You can have a timer when you want to go somewhere.’

Additionally, students were about to identify a number of different units of measurement for time; seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, season, and years.

Some of the investigations included:

  • Making analogue clocks – identifying features (number, minute/second hands, etc)
  • Seasons posters – magazine pictures, words & illustrations of each season (environment, weather, clothes, etc)
  • Stop watches – timing bots & recording results
  • Calendar events
  • Roll Challenge – subitizing the number of 6’s or 5’s (etc) each person can roll in a minute (tallying results)
  • Make a diary – days of the week (events/routines, etc)
  • Things you can do in 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, etc.

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