Wednesday (Term 1 | Week 3)

Welcome to another warm Wednesday at Holy Family Catholic School. Today’s learning line up looked as follows:


In our art lesson this morning, the children completed their curly caterpillars by adding heads, eyes and antennae. This involved teaching cutting skills for cutting ovals and circles: quite tricky shapes for little hands. Here are some of the final products and their proud creators:


In Library today our shared text was:


The children played a game of roll and build in Maths Mini today. They cooperated in small groups to roll and build towers of cubes, matching the towers to numbers on their mat. One group discovered that rolling two sixes made twelve in just two turns.


Our focus today was on the phoneme /s/. We shared a story about two children called Sam and Kit who walked in the woods with their family and found a slithering snake that was hissing. There were lots of words to spot in the story with the /s/ sound in them. Some were trickier to spot than others because the /s/ sound came in the middle or at the end of the word, such as horse, house, hiss and messy. Some children observed that two ss’ make the same sound as one s. What a wonderful observation!

Throughout the story the children used the story, the mnemonic flashcard, action and a song, as well as practising making the sound /s/. We then played a game of ‘Snake Phoneme Spotter’ identifying all the balloons floating across the screen that had the grapheme (letter) s on them. Finally they played a game of ‘Picture Spot’ to practise orally blending words containing the /s/ sound.

One group of children then went on to do some independent learning about sounds. They sorted a series of pictures into two sets – one set where the word began with the /s/ sound and one set for all other sounds.

It was great to see some children using their independence to sound sort, and equally good to see others working in pairs and communicating their thoughts about which set pictures belonged in .


In R/1JH, Mrs Handforth worked with Liam, Anthony, Williams, Micky, Armin and Ebony, who were all excellent at this task and demonstrated resilience by staying on task until they had completed their learning. Agamjot and Harjas worked in a small group with Miss Jade, who said that the boys were ‘amazing’ sound spotters. A shout out for Abhay and Madeline, who worked completely independently in just their third week at school.

Here are some examples of our proud sound spotters:

Meanwhile, another group of students were recording sentences underneath pictures. They were working hard to use their knowledge of letters and sounds to segment words in order to spell them as accurately as possible. They were also trying to remember to ensure their sentences started with capital letters and ended with full stops.


We were busy hearing children read during play investigations as Miss Jade supervised the children’s play … so just a handful of pictures today as Mrs Handforth was busy concentrating on hearing some wonderful reading 🙂

We love this picture of Williams’ big smile appearing from inside the tyres:

See you tomorrow everyone and a reminder that it is SPORT tomorrow for both classes.



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