Thursday (Term 1 : Week 3)

Good morning everyone and welcome to a beautiful Thursday.

Here is our learning for the day:



R1MP shared the story Piglet and Papa this morning and R1JH shared Scary Bear.  

Then the children looked for the letter s in their library books.


Sport with Mrs Cooymans

The children were throwing and aiming today in their Sport lesson.


Today the children talked about their abilities and talents, keeping in mind  that God has given us special ways of expressing ourselves and sharing them with others.

Shared Reading/Phonics/Handwriting

We shared a text called ‘The Slithering Snake’ and what wonderful letter spotters our students were. In fact, many children were eating their recess at this time and were adeptly spotting the letter s on packets and drink containers. For example, Nicole found ‘Sea Salt’ on her chip packet and Liam found ‘Cheese and Crackers‘.

The children did some oral sound blending for words containing the letter s, matching kinaesthetic actions when they heard the sound /s/. They then practised writing the letter s in their handwriting books.

Play Investigations

The children were encouraged to play outside this afternoon.  Some children preferred to stay inside the classroom.

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