Friday (Term 1 | Week 3)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here is our learning and February calendar of class and school events:

Today saw the first of 2020’s class assemblies. The children in R/1JH and R/1MP sat beautifully throughout the events, and Mrs Papillo and Mrs Handforth were very proud of them. Up first were 5/6AE and 5/6HM – Mr Elder’s and Mrs Harrison’s/Mrs Monaghan’s Year 5 and Year 6 students. They told us about our school’s values and influences through an assembly that showcased the use of green screen and animation technology. It finished with a dance routine by a lively group of enthusiastic dancer, and this was the part our students enjoyed the most.


Here we are running off some energy after sitting watching assembly. These photographs were taken by Ebony (R/1JH).

Today we shared a story about two mice – Big Mouse and Little Mouse. Little Mouse can’t sleep because of all the noises in and around his cozy little house – a tap-tapping on the window  and a drip-dripping inside. Little Mouse would feel a lot safer tucked into Big Mouse’s bed. But Big Mouse doesn’t want wriggly Little Mouse taking all the covers. And he has cold paws too! What’s a mouse to do? …

The children really enjoyed making the sound effects to accompany the story, creating an authentic soundscape which really added to their engagement with the narrative and brought the story ‘to life’.

Today many of us consolidated the sound /s/ and moved on to the letter a, making the short vowel sound /a/.

During the singing of the /a/ sound song, the boys and the girls competed to see who could sing it the best. On Wednesday the boys were the hands down winners, but today the girls held their own and it was a tie. Great singing everyone!

Being Valentine’s Day, we undertook some art with a heart themed, laced with love, making gifts for our families and friends. Unfortunately, due a busy and eventful afternoon, the final flourish of a red ribbon was added by Mrs Papillo after school, so look out for these gifts in the children’s bags on Monday.


This afternoon, Mrs Papillo taught the children how to play snakes and ladders, using dice, counters, sharing and taking turns.

We all wished Sahana well for Sunday when she turns 6 years old. We sang Happy Birthday and thanked Sahana (& her parents) for the delicious chocolates which she brought in and shared with her friends.

Wishing everyone an awesome weekend.

Jo  and Margot

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