Home Learning: Online Resources

Dear Parents/Carers,

Here are a couple of websites you may find useful if you have decided to home-school your child (and in the event that schools close).


With community libraries closed, this may be a useful resource. You do need to register to access the free e-book readers, but this is FREE. This website also contains access to some great ideas for teaching other areas of learning, including mathematics, at home.

OUR LEARNING South Australia

Advice and resources for all age groups, including Reception to Year 2, from South Australia’s Department for Education.

We will continue to post daily information and ideas on the class blog.

Good luck everyone and stay safe!

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3 thoughts on “Home Learning: Online Resources

  1. Thank you for helping us parents to teach our children from home while all this craziness it happening

  2. Thank you Jo going well beyond your call of duty and supporting our children to continue to grow and develop in a time a uncertainty.

    You and all teachers form the strong bone of our economy.

    Hold your head up high it’s well earnt.

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