Parents’ Home Learning: Free! Daily Resource Pack

Hi Everyone,

For those of you homeschooling or wishing to do additional learning with your child outside school hours, then we would like to share another website with you … the TWINKL website has made many of their subscription based resources free for home educators and teachers during the Coronavirus outbreak. Margot and I both subscribe to this site, which is an award winning teaching and learning resource.

The HOME LEARNING HUB even has a daily schedule of timetabled activities, all fully resourced. It sets out a suggested timetable for the day and contains all the multimedia resources needed for learning.

Please do  take advantage of the rich range of resources available. You can even download materials for future use. There are parent guides, subject specific resources, activity packs, ideas for cooking, art and craft, as well as science at home. Well worth a visit! VISIT THE SCHOOL CLOSURES PAGE of the website to access information as shown below.

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