Tuesday (Term 2 | Week 4)

Welcome to terrific Tuesday!

We began the day by searching for missing words – there were 6 to find.

Well done to the following children:

  • Arielle – for finding the word slide
  • Lina – for finding the word wet
  • Ariana – for finding the word float
  • Sam – for finding the word swim
  • Yasha – for finding the words water and cool

Our Tuesday lined up as follows:

Thank you to our classroom assistants for helping our classroom run smoothly today:

Guided Reading

We shared the text, Room on the Broom, for the second time. This time we were listening for rhyming words in the text.

On the subject of reading, it so wonderful to see so many of the children keen to share their reading at home books with their teachers and peers. There is a palpable sense of pride when they do so. Thank you, parents, for continuing to read with and to your children at home. It makes a massive difference – not only do we see this within the classroom, but research also tells us this too!

Last week, some children were asking me about this poster, which is on the pin board in the school library … 

Reading is good for you and your child is so many other ways too …

Literacy Activities

Here is what the various literacy groups were up to today. 

The Green and Red Groups today were drawing a picture of the main character from the text – the witch. Some children also added labels and some of the minor characters from the story. They also shared a text with their teacher during a Guided Reading session.

The Orange and Purple Groups were consolidating learning about the letter b. They were practising writing the letter b whilst saying ‘down the bat and around the ball’. Then they were encouraged to make the sounds in the CVC words beginning with b which they were recording in their handwriting books. After this, they tried to find the b words in a word search, helping each other in pairs.

The Blue Group worked with Miss Ryan today. Liam and Aisha helped Miss Ryan to sort the magnetic letters so that the group could use these to spell CVC words. The children looked at pictures of simple words such as c-a-t and h-a-t, and b-u-g and d-i-g. They said the cat aloud and then segmented the sounds in order to help them chose the correct magnetic tiles to spell the word. Finally, they had a go at writing some of these words on mini-whiteboards. What a bunch of busy bees!


After a short play investigations it was time for our first Term 2 dining hall experience. On the menu was sliced chicken breast (or vegetarian fried rice with peas/corn/carrots) and hot chips, with a creamy chocolate mousse for dessert.

In the afternoon, the children attended Spanish and Music lessons with Mrs Nunezx and Mr Collins respectively.

Yesterday, our WordPress blogs were not uploading images correctly, so here are some photographs of yesterday’s learning, which you may have missed and/or may not have seen …

Religion (Monday): Who is God? Where do we see God around us?

Numeracy (Monday): 2D and 3D shape rotations activities


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