Wednesday (Term 2 | Week 4)

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday everyone! 

Here is our learning for the day:




This morning the children listened to the story Shhh! I’m Reading by John Kelly & Elina Ellis.

Bella is reading the best book ever! She’s just gotten to the most amazing part when suddenly, Captain Bluebottom appears and invites her on an adventure. I’m sorry, Captain, Bella tells him, but today, I’d rather just sit and read my book. So Bella returns to her book and is just about to read the best part when Maurice Penguin shows up and invites her to perform on stage with all the penguins. But Bella just wants to read today! Will she ever have the chance to finish her book?

Literacy Investigations

Mrs Handforth’s group were learning all about the sound /f/ today. We discovered that this sound can be made by the letter ‘f” and the letters ‘ff’. You can listen to the sound here:

Here’s the music if you want to practise the /f/ song:

Mrs Handforth was amazed at how well her group used their whiteboards and markers to practise writing the letter f. After looking at the examples below, the children then use their boards as a phoneme frame to write the letters representing sounds in CVC and CVCC words beginning and ending in f/ff.

Mrs Papillo’s group were learning about the digraph ‘sh’.

Numeracy Investigations

The children were very busy learners this morning.  It was great to see everyone engaged and proud to show their learning.  Well done boys and girls!

Science Investigations

Mrs Handforth asked the question What are sounds?  

Micky: You hear sounds with your ears.

Vincent: Listening to sounds.

Williams: Some sounds are quiet.

Able: Some sounds are noisy and easy to hear.

Athian: Some sounds are soft sounds like guitars.

Ebony: Some sounds are relaxing like music and humming.

Abhay: A car makes a sound when you are driving

Sam : Lullabies make soft sounds.

Braiden: Our ears have an ear drum.

Arnav: your ears are on your face.

Lowell: You have to focus on what you hear.

Tri: Your ears can hear people when you are talking.

Isla: If you want to find a sound you have to follow where it is.

Riaan: When you get closer to a sound you know what it is.


Then we played a game called Guess the Sound?  A variety of sounds were played to the class and the children had fun guessing the sounds.  Some were very tricky but the children guessed them all correctly. 

Afterwards, the children worked in groups of 4 or 5 and made sound shakers using plastic cups.  Each person in the group filled their cup half way with objects that were placed around the room.  Once finished the children had to listen very carefully to determine which was the loudest sound to the softest sound.


Tomorrow the children will continue their scientific observations and then record like scientists in their books showing the loudest to quietest sounds.  Stay tuned!


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