Thursday (Term 2 | Week 4)

Welcome to fun Thursday!

… and the Apple laptops are back in class for the day! Smiles all round from the children.

Our helpful classroom assistants today were:


The children continued to practise bat and ball skills with Mrs Cooymans. Throwing and catching balls, then progressing to throwing a ball for a peer to hit with a bat. Some children managed to hit a ball over the net to each other. 


Lots of children were keen to share their yellow ‘Home Reading’ books today. What a lot of reading they are doing! Thank you for continuing to support your child’s reading.


We began by using our listening skills to’Guess the Sound’. How many can you guess accurately?

Today we recorded our findings from the science investigation we carried out yesterday. The children were placed in groups and each member of the group placed objects in a shaker. The group then listened to the shakers and tried to work out which shakers made the loudest and softest sounds.

Today, we placed the shakers in order form loudest to softest. Then we recorded our findings using simple diagrams drawn with tools on ActivInspire. Here are some examples.



Investigating with the Beebots – programming robot toys and developing skills relating to position and direction.

Laptop learning:

Stacking cups:


The children watched a presentation about feelings and colours. They then chose some feelings cards and made puppets from them, selecting the colours they felt best represented the different emotions. Here are the children showing puppets and the emotion on their own faces: can you figure out which emotion it is?

Meanwhile some children shared a book called ‘The Red Beast’ with Mrs Handforth. The book is about the feeling of anger (the red beast) and is an accessible, fun way to talk about anger, w with useful tips about how to ‘tame the red beast’.

Deep inside everyone, a red beast lies sleeping.
When it is asleep, the red beast is quite small, but when it wakes up, it begins to grow and grow.
This is the story of a red beast that was awakened. Rufus is in the school playground when
his friend John kicks a ball that hit him in the stomach, and wakes up the
sleeping red beast: ‘I hate you – I’m gonna sort you out!’.
The red beast doesn’t hear the teacher asking if he’s okay.
It doesn’t see that John is sorry – how can Rufus tame the red beast?

You can view and listen to the story here:


In Religion recently we have been talking about the Creation Story and all the beautiful things that God has given us. We thanked God for all these things.

Our children are thankful to God for …. flowers, water, rain, parents, sisters, brothers, food, school, teachers, laptops, sun, stars, play, birds, animals, families, books, rainbows, oceans, fish, sharks, dinosaurs, the beach and much more!

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