Friday (Term 2 | Week 4)

Welcome to a rainy, wintry Friday everyone.

Here’s our learning for the day:

Congratulations to our readers of R1MP and R1JH


Shared Reading

Mrs Handforth read the story The Red Beast to the class this morning.

How do you contain your anger?

Athian: My 2 year old at home gets angry.

Eerat: I get my stress ball and squeeze it. 

Arnav: I blow into a balloon and it helps my breathing.

Vincent: I go in a quiet spot.

Abhay: Mum gives me a ball and I play with it.

Sahana: I go somewhere quiet and read a book.

Braiden:  I push against the wall.

Tri: I get my beast to slow down and I exercise.

Athian: My beast wakes up and I tame it by breathing in and out slowly.

Joshua: To calm my beast I play basketball.

Isabella: I squeeze my teddy.

Riva: I take some big breaths.

Vonn: I exercise like the Hulk.

Ebony: I use my big plushy and I squeeze it really hard like this (Ebony held her plushy against her chest).

The children used their learning journals to draw their sleeping Red Beast on side of the page and on the other they drew their Angry Beast.



Here are the activities for Friday’s numeracy learning:


Reading Time

This afternoon the children read their books or books from our class library.  The children then spent time drawing and writing in their Learning Journals.  Mrs Papillo and Mrs Handforth were busy listening to individual children read. 

Enjoy your weekend boys and girls.  Our week has been very busy and you deserve the weekend for some rest.  See you all next week.

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