Monday (Term 2 | Week 10)

Welcome to a lovely sunny Monday!

Reminder: Parents and carers may now enter the school grounds to drop off and pick up their children. Margot or I will continue to walk children over to OHSC if they are attending after school.


We celebrated the achievement of several readers who have achieved milestones in their reading learning journeys …. well done to Ebony (25 books) and the following students: 


Today we read about some of the plants and animals that live in the Australian bush. We met gum trees, grasses, flowers, insects, spiders, reptiles and mammals for whom this habitat provides food, water and shelter. We also discussed the important things to remember when we are walking in the bush in order to look after this habitat for the creatures who call it their home.


Independent activity

The children then set about creating a triarama of a bush habitat featuring the plant and animal life they had learned about or to which they could also add further animals and plants they knew live in the habitat. Many are currently works in progress, so some photographs will be featured tomorrow when they are completed. For now here are the faster finishers …


The children played a  maths mini game, Dice Wars, in pairs, after practising some subitising as whole class. They then practised number reading, recognition and writing to 100. 

Look how our number formation and counting have improved since the start of the term!

 See you tomorrow … and it’s a LAPTOP DAY!

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