Monday (Term 3 | Week 2)

A warm welcome to Week 2!

For Week 2, we welcome Mrs Sarah Crisp into our classroom, as Mrs Papillo is on leave this week. Mrs Crisp is part of the leadership team at Holy Family, working in classrooms around the school, supporting learners in different year groups. We hope that she enjoys her five days in R1MP. 

Congratulations to Riaan and Abel for achieving landmarks in their reading journeys; Riaan reaching 100 and Abel achieving 75 nights reading. Well done, boys!

Here is our learning for Monday 27th July:


Carrying on from last week’s Writer’s Workshop learning, today Mrs Handforth modelled the next part of the class’ shared composition. After introducing the characters and setting the scene, we moved on to the heart of the story – the problem that requires resolving. In the case of the shared composition, Sheshe (the little granddaughter potato) has been made invisible by her Grandmother to prevent humans from eating her. However, when Sheshe plays with her friends, she begins to realise that perhaps being invisible isn’t quite as good as she initially thought … Here is our shared composition thus far:


Following continuation of the shared composition, the children read their story starts to a partner before continuing to compose their individual narratives using text and illustrations. Here are some examples of the stories thus far:


Liam practised forming letters with Mrs Handforth today. He used animal stamps to print pictures of animals. Then he named the animal and wrote the letter the animal begins with. He earned a special Apple Mac sticker of which he was very proud.


The children are continuing to practise counting in steps of 10. We began with two counting in tens songs then moved onto a Maths Mini game that the children are becoming more familiar with. They work in a poir with a peer. Each pair has a set of number cards or dice, and a set of objects, such as cubes, c mounters, shells, pebbles, etc. As they roll the dice or turn the card, the y recognise/read the number and collect that amount of objects. They continue to do this whilst a timer is on the screen. When the timer ends, the children then group the objects they have accumulated into groups of ten. They use their skip counting skills to count how many objects they have. Any objects left over are then added to the tens total.  

The highest score today was 142, which was achieved by Kayla. Tri was playing against Kayla and he also managed to score over 100 with an amazing total of 112.


We began our religion lesson by getting into a prayer circle with prayer being led by our classroom assistants for the day: Lowell, Lina, Abel and Ariana. These children also set up the prayer space for collective worship. Thank you for your leadership.

After this, Mrs Crisp led our religion lesson, which centred on the life of Australia’s first and only saint to date. We watched a brief video about her life and the reason for her canonisation by the Catholic Church.

After this, the children were invited to add a piece of information about Saint Mary McKillop, either in the form of a drawing and/or words, to a piece of bunting. We then attached each piece of bunting together to make a whole.


Today we had a fifteen minute fitness break on the playground after our Religion lesson. Some well earned fun in the sun …

See you refreshed and ready for more learning tomorrow! 

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