Tuesday (Term 3 | Week 2)

It’s a tremendous Tuesday to be learning!

Here’s what we got up to today in R1JH and R1MP:

Shared Writing

We revisited our shared composition thus far, participating by reading the story with expression and using Kung Fu punctuation.

We then continued to write our shared story with the children discussing in talk partners and then feeding back words, names and ideas to Mrs Handforth, who typed these into the story.

We borrowed Ebony’s idea of a ‘deep, dark forest’ for our setting for the Shimmering Lake that Sheshe had to find in order to become visible again.

Writer’s Workshop

The children then continued to author and illustrate their stories. At the end of the lesson we enjoyed sharing texts written by Abel, Victoria, Williams, Tri and Dylan.



Mrs Crisp introduced our new numeracy topic: Measurement. Today the children were each given some coloured paper strips. To begin with, they explored the strips in relation to classroom objects in response to the provocations:

  • Can you find something the same length as one of your strips of paper?
  • Can you find something longer? Shorter?

Mrs Crisp then asked the children to measure their strips of paper using equipment such as counters and unifix cubes. The students recorded how many units each strip measured. 

.After Play Investigations, during which the teachers listened to students read individually, the children had Music and Spanish lessons over in the Centre to complete the day’s learning.

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